Real Estate Transactions – June 8, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   1912 Forest Edge Court; From Meise Brothers Construction, Inc.; To Brian and Lisa Safarian; $702,824

   150 Bethel Road; From Cecil Hopkins, Denise Hopkins Dec’d; To Eric Blake; $214,000

   1119 Buran Drive; From Richard and Suzanne Gibson; To Stephen and Allison Rhodes; $237,500

   205 Whitehall Drive; From A&B Property Management of Illinois LLC; To Scott Miget; $162,000

   1400 Cedar Ridge; From Michael and Kimberly Mealiff; To Lynlee Barnhart; $239,000

   1117 Woodgate Drive; From Donald Casey; To Jason Boone; $134,900

   308 Donna Drive; From Patrick and Beth O’Sullivan; To Dennis and Kimberly Grotsky; $145,000

   1153 Hearthstone Drive; From SMR LLC; To James and Kimberly Fields; $542,036

   102 Hillcrest Drive; From John Derby; To Gerald and Joyce Lawrence; $128,750

   1129 Lazy Hollow Court; From Bradford and Traci Mayfield; To Timothy Hart, Rachel Kroetz; $264,500

   909 Pacific Crossing Drive; From Thomas and Katie Biggs; To Carrie Baldus; $180,000

   602 North Smiley; From Lori Dahm; To Bradford and Traci Mayfield; $145,000

   2 Lorien Court; From Ashokkumar Patel; To David and Melody Dock; $295,000

   1008 Steven Dee Drive; From Lela McFalls; To Jeff and Anne Jackson; $184,000

   1427 Gambier Terrace Court; From William and Deborah Mildoon; To Robert and Kelly Buente; $320,000 

   709 Chatsworth Court; From Michael Wood by POA, Julie Wood POA; To Phillip and Jaqueline Clinton; $350,000

   940 Moye School Road; From Kevin and Karen Harris; To Mark Kathryn Sims; $199,000

   601 Deer Creek Road; From Jennifer and Kenneth Wells; To Jonathan and Alison Beach; $242,000

   234 Shawnee Court; From Eric Berg; To David and Toyna Baldessari; $330,000


   1169 Provence Drive; From David and Michelle Im; To Elston and Tera Suggs; $292,000

   108 – 110 Lucia Lane; From Bouse Properties; To Bouse Fivdo LLC; $85,000