Real Estate Transactions – May 11, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   5111 Wesleyan Drive; From D & F Contracting Inc.; To Brandt and Jennifer Dolce; $316,498.36

   901 Powell Drive; From DBT Properties LLC; To John Moynihan; $12,500

   720 Merrifields Drive; From H&L Builders LLC; To Michael and Lori Henrichs; $311,275

   1030 Thornbury Place; From Martin and Abigail Ercoline; To Robert and Jennifer Hughs; $265,000

   831 Bridgeway Drive; From H & L Land Trust LLC; To Micah and Stephanie Michael; $218,400

   933 Jenna Lee Lane; From Shane and Nichole Flaar; To Mark and Romula Haeffner; $155,000

   1192 Hearthstone Drive; From SMR LLC; To Thomas and Peggy Sebastian; $649,415

   226 Peona Lane; From Fulford Homes LLC; To Daniel and Halie Holcomb; $242,166

   1431 Gambier Terrace Court; From Walter and Barbara Baron; To Jonathan and Donna Wiltsie; $386,000

   107 Countryside Lane; From John Sheehan (Dec’d), Patricia Sheehan; To Kevin and Connie Rickmann; $130,000

   611 South Vine Street; From McGess LLC; To FYP Property Management LLC; $90,000

   312 Nancy Drive; From Mary Raymond; To Thomas Zakszewski; $186,000

   513 Still Hollow Run (Lot 154 RTR); From Huntington Chase Homes Corp.; To Michael and Kristina Steed; $398,522

   932 Victoria Lane; From William Latimer, Mariana Cronin; To Curt and Angela Kimmel; $215,000

   707 Parkview Drive; From Charles Stepleton, Katherine Nash; To Andrea Gratz; $87,000

   1503 Princeton Drive; From Linwood and Sandra Blount; To Scott and Sherrie Stevenson; $138,000

   704 North Smiley Street; From Casey and Sarah Douglass; To Anthony and Amber Meluso; $151,500

   105 West Brittany Lane; From Michael and Jamie Dulaney; To Kendrick and Chaney Bell; $265,000

   1405 Red Fox Trail; From Christopher and Amanda Simmons; To Jeremy and Christy Martin; $207,000

   1136 Tazewell Drive; From Larry and Bobbi Skora; To Lexicon Government Serv. LLC; $226,500

   403 East Third Street; From Barbara Elbe; To Matthew Hackmann; $112,000

   507 West Fourth Street; From Patricia Erkman; To Hilda Hair, Jacqueline Brown; $68,500


   3408 Dakota Drive; From Homes by Deesign Inc.; To Jason and Karen Holzum; $279,332

   801 Hawkridge Run; From SD2 LLC; To Fulford Homes LLC; $32,000

   2724 Ambridge Drive; From SD2 LLC; To Fulford Homes LLC; $39,000

   845 Bluff Ridge; From SD2 LLC; To Fulford Homes LLC; $32,000

   121 Meadowbruck Lane; From Michael and Andrea Bahan; To Brad Burford; $160,000

   2834 London Lane; From Ryan and Hailey Wiggs; To Kenneth and Patricia Overmiller; $185,000

   327 Berwick Crossing; From TTW LLC; To Michael and Evelyn Hernandez; $249,000

   517 East Waters Edge Drive; From Bulent and Tulay Dincer; To Madison and Andrea Garrett; $599,000

   26 Archview Drive; From Gabriel and Kelly Black; To Joshua and Brooke McDowell; $155,000

   2638 London Lane; From TTW LLC; To Elizabeth Frost; $268,900

   1600 St. Andrews Drive; From Thomas and Jennifer Sweeney; To Kevin Sullivan; $192,000

   909 Calista Ridge; From Donald and Regina Ray; To Alan and Nicole Schilling; $255,000

   321 Radcliff Road; From Christopher Karrick, Johnna Guthrie; To Sherri Young; $108,000

   2011 Cedarwood Trail; From Steven and Rita Kline; To Walter and Jennifer Rivera; $258,000