Real Estate Transactions – May 18, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   507 West Fourth Street; From Patricia Erkman; To Hilda Hair, Jacqueline Brown; $68,500

301 East Adams Street; From Scott and Carol Brasel; To Ellen Thieleman; $74,200

1109 Heatherwood Drive; From Kevin and Michelle McCall; To Daniel and Karen Hills; $180.500

1318 Brudenell Court; From Todd and Kari Roach; To Cynthia Striegel; $296,000

   1416 Bristlecone Drive; From David and Kara Hamilton; To Matthew and Hannah Schroeder; $166,000

   714 West Nixon Drive; From Kevin Hardy, Rose Babinsky Dec’d; To RDS Development Corp.; $61,000

   1110 Tazewell Drive; From Charles and Catherine Miles; To Justin and Ashli Lake; $225,500

   1326 Illini Drive; From Jeremy Beebe, Amber Beebe POA; To Michael and Christy Lutz; $255,000

  1516 Lincoln Farm Road; From Chad and Misti Uhl; To Ryan and Brooke Ryterski; $208.900

220 Meadowbrook Drive; From DBT Properties LLC; To Carl and Marcia Hodges; $13,400

1308 Terrace Green Lane; From Timothy and Laura Severine; To Jason and Kristina Hein; $154,000

510 Rebecca Drive; From Gary Gass, Dian Peach, Pauline Gass Dec’d; To Gary Gass; $50,000

1363 Heberer Lane; From Sylvia Jones; To Larry and Theresa Hamilton; $110,000

1212 Three Rivers Drive; From Robert and Judith Gagliardo; To Barbara Kuenne; $258,000

1338 Piasa Court; From Fulford Homes LLC; To James and Sarah Smith, Sarah Hannon-Smith; $291,044


   2011 Cedarwood Trail; From Steven and Rita Kline; To Walter and Jennifer Rivera; $258,000

  2226 Deer Springs Trail; From Cynthia Striegel; To Matthew and Danielle Warchol; $196,500

801 Bluff Ridge Lane; From Fulford Homes LLC; To Gregory and Joy Warren; $227,921

  2579 London Lane; From Christopher and Tricia Meinhart; To Damon and Michele Robinson; $287,500

   3812 Rolling Meadows Drive; From Forrest and Sheri Wells; To Erin Rodowick; $155,000

   3721 Rhetts Landing; From Carl Leth; To Warren Blackburn; $239,900

  840 Bluff Ridge Lane; From Fulford Homes LLC; To Bonnie Laurion; $215,000