Real Estate Transactions – November 2, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


1164 Tazewell Drive; From James and Jennifer Burgess; To Nicolas and Courtney Sarkany; $222,000

821 Chesapeake Junction Lane; From Kyle and Roxann Kirkwood; To Philip Bryant; $190,000

1022 Woods Way; From Ian and Angela Hester; To Linda Ketchens; $190,000

925 Sturbridge Trail; From David and Jill Higgins; To Daham Flaeeh; $246,000

201 Derrick Drive; From Jordan and Rachel Hudgins; To Scott and Rebecca Wiggins; $159,900

1226 Three Rivers Drive; From Leslie Sullivan, Leslie Sullivan POA, Lisa Day by POA, Charles Bruno POA, Linda Hilton POA, Linda Hilton-Hardigan POA, Lisa Kennon POA, Lauren Wood POA; To Eugene Asbury; $163,500

637 East State Street; From Roy Tensmeyer; To John Sullivan; $55,000

1208 Nancy Drive; From PHB Capital LLC; To Katherine Kellermann; $129,000

201 Persimmon Drive; From Jacob and Jeanette Kline; To Rob and Felicia Gribbins; $93,500

724 West 5th Street; From Gerald, Dennis, and Clayton Sinskey; To City of O’Fallon; $11,000

1400 Green Mount Road; From O’Fallon Assembly of God; To City of O’Fallon; $11,000

1575 North Green Mount Road; From Carrollton Bank; To City of O’Fallon; $85,000

1405 North Green Mount Road; From Green Mount Dev. Group LLC; To City of O’Fallon; $110,000

202 Eagle Ridge; From Jeff and Heather Saunders; To Kathy Hosto; $65,000

832 Bridgeway Drive; From H & L Builders LLC; To Jeremy and Brianna Gower; $259,805


209 Kay Street; From Marilyn Haselroth, Sandra Longust; To Village of Shiloh; $29,500

1304 Corliss Court; From Christina Brown, Derrick Brown by POA, Christina Brown POA; To Cameron Murkey, Diedra Murkey; $277,500

3438 Caton Run Crossing; From Todd and Johnna Farber; To Vincent and Lekeisha Williams; $272,00

3742 Boatman’s Point; From Donald and Joann Perro; To Joram and Katelyn Smith; $289,900

2531 Welsch Drive; From C A Jones Inc.; To Jordan and Rachel Hudgins; $230,000


8620 US Highway 50; From Scott and Patricia Larsen; To Andrew and Kimberly Howard; $108,000

1108 Belleville Street; From Nathan Bethmann; To Dustin and Jennifer Ward; $155,000

732 Scott Troy Road; From Susan Joseph; To James and Jody Miller; $227,500

409 Torchlight Lane; From SMR LLC; To Arnold and Aundra Charleston; $355,400

1104 Natalyns Trace; From SMR LLC; To Harry and Myra Blank; $438,243