Real Estate Transactions – November 9, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


1409 North Smiley Street; From Jordan Michael Jr.; To Jill Boker; $169,000

914 Maces Grove Road; From Scott Richter; To Richard and Janai Bonham; $72,000

1010 Stonybrook Drive; From Richard and Patricia Klingelhoefer; To John and Melissa Covington; $302,500

1453 Arley Hill Drive; From Stephanie Threats; To Laurie Pricket; $204,000

1400 Nottinghill Drive; From Paul and Rachel Bierly; To Adrian and Georgina Delafuentes; $216,000

857 Misty Valley Road; From Michael Mason, Michael Mason POA, Wendy Mason POA; $169,900

1233 Simmons Road; From Doyne and Charlene McGinthy; To Marion and Sandra Miller; $270,000

186 Eagle Ridge; From Schilling Real Estate & Inv. LLC; To PHB Capital LLC; $67,000

804 Belpre Drive; From Benjamin and Kalina Koch; To Todd and Tammy Fisk; $195,000

351 Sweetwater Lane; From Zachary and Amber Green; To Portia Jones; $157,500

1338 Stone Creek Drive; From James and Jacqueline Kunkle; To Michael Bohnsack; $230,000

256 Eagle Ridge; From John Daschle; To PHB Capital LLC; $64,500

3712 Scotsdale Drive; From Stefan and Christy Kleinke; To Ronald and Renee Dodge; $207,000

510 Adams Street; From John and Toni Kimball; To Marie Venne; $95,000

861, 865, 873, 868, 864 Allenbrook Ave.; From H & L Builders LLC; To Innovation Constr. Serv. LLC; $215,000

510 Joy Drive; From Gerald Markee Dec’d, Shirley Markee; To Brittany Thouvenot; $79,900

346 Moultrie Lane; From Samuel Slaydon, Melanie S. Slaydon A/K/A, Melanie L. Slaydon; To James Haas; $175,000

906 Meadowlark Drive; From Larry and Theresa Seipp; To Eric and Hayley Butler; $207,500

7064 Milburn Estates Drive; From Kelly and Latash Luzum; To Brett and Kelsey Beelman; $232,000


2531 Welsch Drive; From C A Jones Inc.; To Jordan and Rachel Hudgins; $230,000

230 Linden Drive; From Paul and Denise Hangsleben; To Linda Schaefer, Kathleen Wilson; $135,000

2731 London Lane; From TTW LLC; To Shannon and Lindsey White; $190,000

514 Maranda Estates; From Jeff and Rita Schempp; To Richard and Glenda Murray; $284,500

2216 Birmingham Drive; From Randall and Lynn Pantano; To Virginia Lopez; $258,000

909 Fox Glenn Lane; From Kenneth Corder; To Jeffrey and Mikisha Terrell; $159,900

2729 Lake Lucerne Drive; From Jesse Rochman, Erin Waldron; To Dominick and Rebecca Ricci; $212,000

977 Holyoke Drive; From Nicholaus and Amanda Schemmel; To Talia Reed; $167,000


316 West Main; From Gary and Catherine Karraker; To Pasquall Duckett; $118,500