Real Estate Transactions – October 12, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


936 Jordan Drive; From Tina and John Warren; To Elizabeth Callan; $203,000

913 Sturbridge Trail; From Jeanine Flake; To Demetrius and Kristy Poole; $229,900

1157 Hearthstone Drive; From SMR, LLC; To Craig and Krista Bauer; $552,002

205 Chamberlains Crossing; From Ryan and Laura Marler; To Joshua and Kayla Young; $222,500

1350 Arbor Green Trail; From Derrick and Alison Collier; To Ryan and Laura Marler; $310,000

1119 Illini Drive; From Joshua and Teresa Vanderford; To Jada and Cheryl Grindstaff; $216,000

1510 Perch Orchard Drive; From Reva Dillow, Mary Brown Dec’d; To Raven Middendorf, Dylan Trebilock; $186,000

917 Moye School Road; From Julie Kloeckner; To Colleen Wagener; $209,900

203 Willow Drive; From Brian and Hillary Spellman; To James Wilcut; $95,000

210 Fieldspring Court; From Christopher and Lisa Lawrence; To Ernest and Jessica Walden; $220,000

319 Whitehall Drive; From Julie and Charles Doolin; To Marilyn Rodriguez-Morrow, Juanita Morrow; $147,000

1125 River Birch Drive; From Andrew and Amy Gross; To Brian and Hillary Spellman; $237,500

815 West Lakeshore Drive; From Monica Felix; To Richard and Haley Bond; $170,000

1502 North Parc Grove Court; From Amanda Buffington, Matthew Krueger; To Scott and Beth Jacob; $225,000

511 South Vine Street; From Diane Haas; To Marcus Allen TRS, East Mountain Trust II; $87,000

1012 West Nixon Drive; From Michael and Stacia Damron; To Brian and Donna Eaton; $90,000

206 Evergreen Drive; From Cynthia Whaley; To Melody McGowan; $157,000

1115 Illini Drive; From Harry Letts Jr.; To Erick and Alisa Ethrheim; $195,500

3709 Rhetts Landing; From Dominic and Jane Maduri; To Edwin King; $282,500

418 South Main Street; From Brad Warchol; To Bryan and Tammy Oliver; $52,000

104 Wood Edge Drive; From Kevin and Nancy Terveer; To Michael Siegel, Shelia Haar; $272,000


3205 Tanglebrook Drive; From Pamela Spehn; To Yadira Rodriguez; $158,000

109 Sir Lawrence Drive; From David and Jill Rutter; To Gerald Paskert; $305,000

2666 Welsch Drive; From CNR, Inc.; To Shannon Patrick, Shannon Whitney; $242,045

3410 Canton Run Crossing; From Andrew C. Miller; To Andrew Crowell; $233,000

3821 Rolling Meadows Drive; From Jason Spencer, Jennifer Presley; To Fred Schmitt; $169,000

2707 London Lane; From TTW, LLC; To Matthew and Jessica Wilkins; $40,000


886 Whispering Hills Drive; From Charles and Carol Dye; To Darrell and Jill Groom; $34,000

319 South St. Clair Street; From Jeffrey and Sarah Harding; To Joshua and Mariah Avila; $87,000

9510 Pister Road; From Allen and Sandra Kreke; To Corey and Leah Meyer; $360,000

124 Florence Street; From Kathleen Weber, Stephen Renfrow, Cheryl Renfrow, David Renfrow, Helen Renfrow, Richard Renfrow; To Michael Somers, Rebekah Schlemer; $140,000

105 South Chamberlin Street; From Vickie Payne; To Meagan Stone, Sean Lewis; $96,500