Real Estate Transactions – October 26, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


233 Scott Troy Road; From George and Eva Costakis, Bradley Stubbs; To Neal and Heather Gough; $172,500

1013 Woods Way; From Sarah Oestreich; To Larry and Melissa Sparks; $174,000

1173 Hearthstone Drive; From Rodney and Jean Haselhorst; To Terry and Diane Colvin; $755,000

1 Shallowbrook Drive; From Donald and Janice Habermehl; To Joseph Evans; $194,000

417 & 419 Bandmour Place; From Scott/Troy Dev. LLC; To Barnes Properties Inc.; $62,000

8633 Savoy Lane; From Scott/Troy Dev. LLC; To Ellie Cade Custom Homes LLC; $84,900

150 Liberty Crossing; From Denny and Lori Baggett; To Eric and Anna Taylor; $295,000

121 Dean Avenue; From Eric and Anna Taylor; To Benjamin Banta, Amy Klingelhoefer; $132,900

1459 Gambier Terrace Court; From Paul and Deanne White; To Stephen Brown, Kelly Lucky; $495,000

429 Fairwood Hills Road; From Jimmie and Gilda Shaw; To Benjamin and Kelly Siron; $240,000

814 Jade Drive; From Eric and Jennifer Lubeck; To Zachary Schmitt; $139,500

314 Amy Drive; From Jacqueline Bannister; To Richard and Marilyn Marshall; $105,000

755 Michael Street; From Benjamin and Joanne Smallheer; To Paul White; $142,000

302 Willow; From Glenn and Allesha Groom; To Zachary and Darrah Hill; $117,000

234 Peona Lane; From Fulford Homes LLC; To Jason Garvey, Melissa Fanning; $308,000

1511 Nottinghill Drive; From Frederick and Stella Annan; To Joseph and Korinne Hoh; $188,000


116 Harbor Pointe; From Timothy and Lisa Moore; To Felecia Harris; $220,000

4410 Green Ash Court; From Jeffrey and Jennifer McMurray; To Jamie and Taneksa Simmons; $289,000


1112 Belleville Street; From Warren Christ; To James and Cynthia Haeuber; $109,000

119 East Main Street; From Jeffry and Margaret Fisher; To Justin and Lesley Gerard; $36,000

10915 Upland Terrace Drive; From Jewitt and Catherine Bennett; To James and Lela Cory; $116,500

8620 US Highway 50; From Scott and Patricia Larsen; To Andrew and Kimberly Howard; $108,000