Real Estate Transactions – September 14, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


1118 Creekside Court; From Wilfred and Monica Burch; To Kevin and April McPeek; $188,500

252 Peona Lane; From Estate at Prairie Crossing Dev. LLC; To Fulford Homes LLC; $39,900

800 White Horse Lane; From Randolph and Tammi Patterson; To Krista and Garrett McCormack; $305,000

109 East Washington Street; From Maria McGarvey; To Kenneth Campbell; $115,000

712 Aladar Drive; From Philip and Tammie Knapper; To Cartus Fin. Corp.; $189,900

403 Bandmour Place; From Keith Kellner; To Cartus Corp.; $184,450

702 South Walnut Street; From Cody Carlson; To Robert Strahan; $85,000

1021 Nottinghill Drive; From Matthew and Amy Raper; To Wesley Almeida; $407,000

909 Phillip Court; From Doris and Richard Cobb; To Curtis and Janet Raaberg; $205,000

1022 Nottinghill Drive; From John and Kristine Golden; To Eric and Samantha Lanier; $330,000

7029 Millbrook Lane; From Sean and Gabriela Patterson; To Kaleb and Alyssa Lee; $198,700

215 Thomas Drive; From Michael and Lisa Kortkamp; To Adrian Bracamonte, Vanderleia Borges; $200,000

639 Rain Hollow Drive; From Carole Horstmann; To Betty Holmes; $142,000

602 South Augusta; From Cheryl Olinger, Jada Grindstaff; To Michelle Olinger; $120,000

115 West 5th Street; From Edward Glowatski; To Kyle Cannon; $99,500

1774 Saddlewood; From Harry and Myra Blank; To Gregory Aiken, Angela Aiken; $395,000

702 South Cherry Street; From Mary Long, Mary Coleman, Geoffrey Coleman; To Rapid Property Solutions Inc.; $71,350

1114 Woodgate Drive; From Jean and Lois Ridenour; To Daniel Buerke; $91,200

409 North Cherry Street; From David Krieger; To Jason and Emily Fieker; $99,000

612 East 2nd Street; From Mary Wheatly by POA, Gary Wheatly POA; To Jose Palacios, Maria Salinas; $89,300


804 Hawkridge Run; From SD2 LLC; To Fulford Homes LLC; $32,000

2251 Birmingham Drive; From J C Wilson; To David and Rebecca Doughty; $233,500

22 Innsbruck Lane; From Timothy Johnson; To Chad Hanna; $67,000

3446 Chippewa Drive; From Shiloh Bldg. Group LLC; To McGolden Inc.; $45,000

2720 Lake Lucerne Drive; From Tony and Heather Beal; To Erynn Elleby; $197,000

962 Whitechapel Drive; From Daniel and Briana Alde; To Brandon Langel; $166,500

3419 Canton Run Crossing; From James and Shelby Jones; To Orlando and Marietta Miner; $255,000