Real Estate Transactions – September 21, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


216 Liberty Crossing; From Daniel and Ann Eickmeier; To Patrick and Lisa Lawary; $189,500

109 East Monroe Street; From CR Holland Construction LLC; To Vernon Obernuefemann and Donna Heatherly; $151,500

200 North Lincoln; From City of O’Fallon; To Brad McMillin Realty Inc.; $10,000

421 Highway 50; From Roger Fuehne; To BHJ Corporation; $14,000

531 Aladar Drive; From Roger and Donna Brown; To Alex and Vera Strebel; $229,000

17 Brandonwood Drive; From Raj and Venu Gopal; To Terra Hamilton; $260,000

1329 Merriam Parkway; From D&F Contracting Inc; To Innovation Construction Service LLC; $49,900

1006 Carnegie Knolls Drive; From Randall and Michelle Piper; To Keith Nordquist; $317,000

915 Paige Lane; From Christopher and Courtney Gobel; To Ira Begley; $209,500

1101 Peachtree Court; From Caleb and Kaitlyn Yockey; To Brandon Koll, Jacqueline Lopez; $235,000

1220 Waldman Court; From David and Michele Dooley; To Edwin and Emily Munguia; $263,904.10

1014 Elisabeth Drive; From Luke and Rachael Thornton; To Matthew O’Heron; $189,900

408 Wiegerstown Drive; From Carl Stoltz, Mary Stoltz Dec’d, Deborah Stoltz; To Robert and Elizabeth Conrad; $269,000

307 West Second Street; From Rachel Brooks; To CR Holland Construction LLC; $27,000

708 Titan Drive; From Michael and Kathryn Jackson; To Jason Boone; $135,000


3512 Barnon Ridge Court; From Aaron and Elizabeth Young; To Oscar and Christina Huckoby; $274,000

2751 Cheyenne Wells Drive; From Joshua and Emily Reigelsperger; To Jonathan and Krista Peake; $204,000

2670 London Lane; From TTW LLC; To Michael Albert; $279,900

3273 Tanglebrook Drive; From Arin Vickers; To Hale Hunter; $150,000

342 Radcliff Road; From Denise Carter, Annette Sumner; To Phillip Letarte, Agustin Barmwell; $96,000

401 Juanita Circle; From Thomas Richards Sr. Dec’d, Gerri Richards; To Jason and Brittany Menninger; $176,000

1221 Carleton Lane; From Scott Sachtleben; To Satyen & Dipti Patel; $840,000


11270 Spring Meadow; From Precox Properties Trail LLC; To Teresa Lewis; $8,000

194 Cavins Run; From Kent and Denise Rhines; To David & Michele Dooley; $269,500

309 West Center Street; From Allan and Ellen Krueger; To Sandra and Alicia Barbee; $90,000

59 Harmon Drive; From Andrew and Melissa Smith; To Kelle Green; $102,500