Real Estate Transactions – September 28, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


612 Springhill Court; From Millard Gibson Dec’d, Myrna Gibson; To Raymond and Kelly Kaehler; $180,000

116 East Jackson Street; From Dolan McKelvy; To Derrick and Alison Collier; $155,000

119A Main Street; From Gregory Wilcox; To Curtiss Rayl; $186,000

1238 Illini Drive; From Jeffrey and Angelle Deboer; To Charles and Moria Tart; $212,000

714 West Nixon Drive; From RDS Dev. Corp.; To Jennifer Zimmerman; $90,000

781 Forest Green Drive; From Mark Ogden, Administrator, Charles Ogden Dec’d; To Jason Sebol; $130,000

185 Berringer Drive; From Scott and Sara Lepere; To Charles and Michelle Fannin; $10,000

8514 Terracotta Place; From John and Jill Wodochek; To Trevor and Kathryn Fenwick; $390,000

1302 Bossler Lane; From David and Jan Laskowski; To Christopher Moyano; $309,000

723 South Vine Street; From Bradford and Julie Law; To Maria Poore; $116,500

8410 Treybrooke Place (Lot 63 BT); From Anthony and Tina Pettiford; To Huntington Chase Homes Corp.; $47,500

313 Amhurst Drive; From Jerry and Michelle Reed; To Caren Bacon; $134,500

109 Longmeade Drive; From Steven and Karen Hofmann; To Roger and Donna Brown; $373,000

513 Westfield Drive; From Tracy Goodman; To Brett and Diane Carnes; $275,000

1217 Claredon Drive; From Michael Browers, Lajuanna Turley; To Mark and Mary Eiteuner; $219,900

409 and 411 Vancroft Place; From Scott Troy Dev. LLC; To Barnes Properties Inc.; $62,000


1273 Bainbridge Court; From Randy and Natalie Wroten; To Armond Wilbourn; $247,500

705 Santa Anna Court; From New Tradition Homes LLC; To Daniel and Jeselle Falucho; $240,500

205 Bentley Place; From Jerry Linscott; To Michael Shearon; $177,900

1189 Cromwell Lane; From Brian and Sarah Dorsey; To Joseph and Laura Byrne; $216,000

207 Berwick Crossing; From TTW  LLC; To CNR  Inc.; $36,000


720 North Monroe Street; From Shaun and Wendy Kelly; To Michael Mendez; $130,000

203 Cavins Run; From Douglas and Suzanne Muren; To Patrick and Cheryl Dunnells; $392,000