Real Estate Transactions – April 27, 2016

Recent Real Estate Transactions

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   701 Country Oaks Lane; From Garrett and Kate Spencer; To Audra Driscoll; $139,900

   222 Meadowbrook Drive; From Larry Canady; To Scott Wood, Susan Kellison, and Camron Wood; $10,000

   223 North Lincoln Avenue; From Gene and Lori Hyatt; To John and Sara Pajares; $185,000

   733 Winfield Drive; From Jeffery and Malisa Heifner; To Gerald Spiller; $189,000

   1113 Danzig Drive; From Scott and Elaine Brown; To Richard and Jennifer Hoorman; $207,000

   322 Fairwood Hills Road; From Steven and Kathryn Hennessey; To Mark and Marie McClung; $222,500

   1442 Schwarz Meadow Drive; From Champaign Investments Inc.; To Michael and Amanda Tomasovich; $187,000

   908 Coreopsis Court; From Scott and Andrea Seipp; To Thomas Koessler; $237,000

   383 Macon Court; From Sarah Smith; To Christopher and Rachel Demonge; $192,500

   310 Schwarz Meadow Court; From William and Julia Creek; To Stephen Molitor; $189,900

   225 Meddows Drive; From Landscape Horticultural Serv. Inc.; To Yessica Saenz; $37,000

   714 Cambridge Boulevard; From TDW II Inc.; To Pyramid Commercial LLC; $88,000


   3502 Capri Lane; From Michael Runge; To Morgan Freed and Jeannette Kennedy; $216,900

   62 Innsbruck Lane; From Jeanne Teter; To Mary Lawler; $147,000

2627 Pipers Court; From Frank and Debra Bollinger; To Wesley and Jamie Dedmon; $195,000

2659 Welsch Drive; From TTW LLC; To Bryan and Sarah Hopkins; $228,000