Recent Real Estate Transactions – April 6, 2016

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   331 Moultrie Lane; From Donald and Darlene Chapman; To Steven and Amanda Huber; $220,000

   911 Dartmouth Drive; From Beth Topa; To Del and Kathy Warma; $180,000

   608 Wheatfield Road; From Kelco Custom Homes LLC; To Innovation Construction Serv LLC; $42,000

   809 Fieldpoint Court; From Kelco Custom Homes Inc.; To Innovation Construction Serv LLC; $43,000

   303 Whitehall Drive; From Amanda Hafenstein and Jason Wisdom; To Ryan Stogner, Shelby Blanchard-Stogner; $137,000

1313 Merriam Parkway; From D & F Contracting Inc.; To Innovation Construction Serv LLC; $49,900

  651 West Highway 50; From Keith and Cindy Anderson; To Westwood Wash’s LLC; $350,000

  117 East Third Street; From Kimberly and Daniel Hocher; To Lacy Migneron; $105,000

   1005 Caroline Drive; From Lisa Hembree, Executor, Kenneth Rowe Dec’d by Executor; To Ryon Lewis; $33,000

   412 East Fourth Street; From Doris Stewart; To Geoffrey Begey; $108,000

   920 Victoria Lane; From Kenneth and Joele Pinkerton; Michael and Trisha Miller; $206,500

   5123 Wesleyan Drive; From Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; To Peter and Carol Hill; $301,154

   1110 Heatherwood Drive; From Victor Gilpin, Tygracon Properties Inc.; To Jill Phillips; $227,000

   1424 Nottinghill Drive; From John and Marty Minford; To James Rickermann and Kimberly Hieger; $186,000

  704 Merrifields Drive; From H & L Land Trust LLC; To Ill Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund; $262,775


   1645 Manchester Drive; From Stephen and Sharla Juenger; To Michael Savala; $163,000

   2639 Welsch Drive; From TTW LLC; To Bart and Cathy Masters; $219,900

   29 & 31 Innsbrook Lane; From Mark Abright; To Henderson Enterprises LLC; $130,000

   3242 Stonebridge Drive; From Michael McCullough; To Kendra Brooks; $157,000

   1269 Baybrook Court; From Richard Childs; To Charles and Erica Jones; $226,000

   2672 Pipers Court; From Jeffery Johns by POA, Cynthia Johns POA; To Patrick Brand; $185,000

   717 Glen Mor; From Jeffery and Tracy Williams; To Lamont and Ronette Gregory, Ronettte Story-Gregory; $180,000

   126 Twin Oaks Drive; From Stephanie and Gregory Jackson; To Jacob Oser; $62,900