Recent Real Estate Transactions – Feb 17, 2017

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


   656 Shamrock Drive; From Ara Eghigian and Kathleen Baca; To Patrick and Andrea Gray; $204,000

   731 Bassett Street; From Chung and Beth Huang; To Ryan Arnold and Diana Watkins; $202,000

   515 Aladar Drive; From Thomas and Gearline Gross; To Neville and Sherrie Hardy; $192,500

   932 Natasha Circle; From Martin and Yoko Dominguez; To Gary and Aurea McNeely; $152,000

   1329 Haps Lane; From John and Elena Baggett; To Scott and Danielle Nelson; $264,000

   114 E. Adams; From Michael and Jane Fitzpatrick; To Sarah Gabriel and Garret Krumeich; $133,500

   1320 Merriam Parkway; From D and F Contracting, Inc.; To Ellie Cade Custom Homes, LLC; $40,000

   513 Jeffery Pine Court; From Charles Kirk; To David Hagelstein; $154,000

   903 Reiss; From Jonathan and Sherri Hertzler; To Frank D’Angelo; $193,000


   2667 London Lane; From TTW, LLC; To Peter and Elizabeth Dearmond; $247,900

   1274 Baybrook Court; From Dwain and Karen Stevens; To Kenneth and Charisse Montgomery; $200,000