Recent Real Estate Transactions – Jan 13, 2016

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House


1003 West Madison Drive; from Linda and Lawrence O’Dell; to Keith Kehrer; $71,500

7053 Millbrook Lane; from James and Angela White; to Ronald Schaefer; $215,000

523 Glen Oak Drive; from Robert and Amy Eisenhardt; to Eric Daugherty; $215,000

624 Titan Drive; from Jill (POA), Garth (POA), and Garth A. Hibbert; to Jill and Anthony Jones and Jordan Schwankhaus; $145,000

718 Highcliff Drive; from Michael and Kathryn Anderson; to Todd and Elisabeth Osborne; $192,000


3514 Ashford Ridge Court; from Julie Bream; to Darryl and Stephanie Dace; $256,000

3227 Cloverridge Drive; from Michelle Wedeking; to Matthew Lossos; $172,500

33 Christine Drive; from Audrey Sudholt (POA) and Ellen Vernier (POA); to Petra Investments LLC; $58,500

813 Bluff Ridge Lane; from SD2 LLC; to Fulford Homes LLC; $32,000

3211 K&K Lane; from Klopmeyer Excavating Inc.; to 3211 Pines LLC; $400,000