Refinery Salon celebrates five years in downtown O’Fallon

The staff of Refinery Salon (Submitted Photo)

By Kate Crutcher

O’FALLON – Starting a business is hard, and finding customers and keeping those customers for years on end is even harder. Refinery Salon did just that as they celebrate their fifth year in operation. 

“I wanted to create something that the industry needed and I had a great team to help me,” owner Whitney Leidner said. 

From nail care to makeup to hair styling, Refinery Salon is there to serve you. Located in the heart of downtown O’Fallon, along East First Street. 

“I was already working at another salon in O’Fallon and I knew, when I opened my own business, that I wanted to be in downtown O’Fallon,” Leidner said. 

With being open for five years now, Refinery Salon has seen some stylists come and go. Now with a staff of 16 stylists, three girls have been there since the very first day the salon opened; Deann Leonard, Taylor Baker and Rae Melton. 

“To be apart of something that is just so different in the industry, just got me so excited,” Melton said. 

Refinery Salon strives to provide a safe, inviting and comfortable environment to each guest that walks through their door. When talking to Leidner, its obvious Refinery Salon has a passion for beauty and health and that drives them to achieve the highest standard of excellence with every guest that sits in their chair. 

“I am excited about where O’Fallon is headed and I think there is going to be a lot of great things in O’Fallon. I believe it is going to be the destination that everyone would like it to become. We have a great group of stylists here. Their number one priority is making sure that the clients get the experience that they are paying for and deserve. The staff here is so dedicated to everyone,” Leidner said.