Roach says communication is the key to good leadership

O’FALLON – Mayoral candidate Herb Roach says communication is a top priority in his vision for O’Fallon’s future.

“One of the keys to good leadership is solid, open communication.” stated Roach. “It is important to give people an opportunity to express their concerns, share input and ask questions without concern of being criticized.  I have practiced this throughout my 40 year career in Executive Management positions.”

Mr. Roach walked to over 6,000 O’Fallon homes this year to meet and to listen to citizens. This is not just because it is an election year. He has been walking and listening to the residents of over 1,200 households in Ward 4 during each of the last 6 years. As Alderman, Mr. Roach has held Town Hall meetings every six months for his ward, opening the sessions to anyone wishing to attend.

Mr. Roach outlined his plan to open communication if elected Mayor. To take communication to the next level, Herb will:

  • Restructure and reorganize City Council Meetings to allow for more input from citizens.
  • Hold Quarterly Town Hall meetings in locations around the city to create a  more convenient and less formal atmosphere for citizens to give input, ask questions and hear of developments occurring in their city.
  • Improve opportunities for citizens to talk to the Mayor by:
    • Being in the office on a daily basis.
    • Having both Saturday and evening hours for those that want to speak personally to him but are working during the day.
    • Answering phone calls in person without screening, and responding promptly to messages left.
    • Continuing to walk through O’Fallon, engaging in meaningful dialogue with residents and businesses.

Herb looks to the great leader, Abraham Lincoln, who described government as “…of the People, by the People and for the People…” In the next few weeks,  Mr. Roach will lay out plans for managing O’Fallon.  He states, “My plans are not developed by any advertising or consulting firm. They are based on what you told me during my seven months of walking through our community. When I say that I want and need your input and feedback, I’m serious about it, because I’m here to serve and improve our community with your input.”

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