School districts face uncertain financial future

Shiloh District 85   Spring is a wonderful time of year, and it is finally here. Our kids have grown so much this year physically and academically as we head into the last quarter.

March is also the time of year, due to state law, that personnel decisions need to be contemplated in all Illinois public schools. Unfortunately, we are forced to make decisions right now for projected needs and finances at the start of the next school year.  Fiscal instability at the state level creates great uncertainty for school districts.  Shiloh school district also struggles with that uncertainty. Thirty percent to 40 percent of our funding comes from the State of Illinois. Without a budget passed from the state this year, there is serious doubt as to having any financial information to plan from prior to the next school year.

Shiloh, like last year, has been forced to lay off personnel again this year. This is due to no fault of those affected individuals, our staff, our board of education, fiscal stewardship, and certainly not our taxpayers. In fact, our taxpayers within the Shiloh District are the most reliable source of revenue to our schools – year in and year out.

We remain hopeful that the state of Illinois will come to a viable resolution for funding education.  One that perhaps relieves some of the burden from the Illinois taxpayer.  Until that time, our community continues to try to take care of our own.  And, that couldn’t be more important.  I will likely be reaching out to you in the future to help with contacting legislative representatives and understanding our financial picture more clearly.

Educating our children and serving our community families is the reason, we as an organization, exist. We have every reason to be very proud of Shiloh, its families, and its schools. Our educators are some of the very best and that is borne out by our students’ scores academically, but more importantly, the types of wonderful citizens and people they are.

Thank you to our residents and take comfort in knowing the quality of citizens and problem solvers of the next generation that Shiloh Village Schools are producing.