See you at the Barre!

While there are some yoga classes that boast the incorporation of wine or beer in to the vinyasa, Yoga Barre Fusion at the MetroRecPlex is not that kind of bar.  It’s also not your mama’s yoga class.  Yoga Barre Fusion is a different, fun strengthening workout that will cause any ballerina’s legs to shake.

Much like a conventional yoga class, you should dress appropriately.  If you are new to this type of workout, it’s good to know that in order to be able to move freely in to a lot of different, sometimes awkward positions, it’s best to wear some form fitting clothes so that you can bend and move freely without worrying about tucking or adjusting.  Be prepared to go barefoot or purchase a pair of yoga socks or footwraps before your first class. These will help with some of the sliding motions.

Yoga Barre Fusion incorporates some fitness equipment in to the session so don’t be surprised when you see weights, resistance bands and a ballet barre in the studio.  Mats are provided by the MetroRecPlex, but you can also purchase and bring along your own if you prefer. Those who attend the class will be able to choose how heavy of a weight that they would like to use, making this class a great one for beginners as well as the seasoned MetroRecPlex athlete.  In most cases, it’s best to grab two sets of weights, one light and one heavy, because in most cases, you are stronger than you think.

There are lots of mirrors to watch your form in the MetroRecPlex’s studio, making it very easy to learn the moves.  In addition, there’s sure to be a few regulars along with a great instructor that will make sure that each person in attendance is getting the most efficient workout possible from the class, as well as keeping proper form to avoid injury.  While yoga positions are used in the Yoga Barre Fusion class, there’s a lot less “holding” of the position and a lot more “pulsing,” meaning that slow, repetitive movements much like a ballerina would use are implemented in to the routine.

One by one, the Yoga Barre Fusion class at the MetroRecPlex will work each muscle group, assuring that the class offers a full body workout, no matter what level of exercise enthusiast you are.  Overall, the class helps to build a strong core, good posture and an inner sense of stability that will flow over into your daily life.  Yoga Barre Fusion is currently offered on Tuesdays at 5:30 at the MetroRecPlex.