Shiloh Board continues discussion about sale of sewer system

SHILOH – At the Shiloh Village Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, Mayor Jim Vernier and trustees discussed a bid proposal for a new sewer system submitted by Illinois American Water. 

Mark Barton, Production Superintendent for Illinois American Water, said that the president of the company, Bruce Hauk, submitted three separate proposal prices in the range of $2 million to $4 million. 

“There are three examples – the first being $4 million, the second being $3 million and the third being a $2 million purchase price,” Barton said.  “Under each one of those, you will see the net proceeds to the village assuming that the debt would have to be paid.”

Vernier said that it’s important to remember that the rate right now is at a “debt loss” for the village. 

“We’re losing money with the system right now. It needs to go up and should have gone up last year,” he said. “If your running a proprietary system, it has to make money.”

Village Administrator John Marquart said that an average sanitary sewer customer in Shiloh is going to pay an average of $32 to $34 a month.

“Your rates right now are less than what O’Fallon pays a month,” Vernier said. 

Trustee Kurt Burrelsman said he was concerned about areas around town that aren’t currently on a sewer system. 

“I wanted some sort of guarantee that if Illinois American buys the system – there would be an exceptionally good faith effort to get those areas sewered,” Burrelsman said. 

Barton said that the company has agreed to any ongoing projects that the (village) has slated – “we agreed to continue with those projects.” 

Marquart said there are projects in place to have residences sewered. 

“We have been very forthright with Illinois American about expanding the system in developable areas,” he said. 

Marquart said that Illinois American Water has also discussed ongoing maintenance with the sewer system. 

“We want to maintain a high level of service,” Barton said. “It’s in our best interest to make sure those problems dealing with sewer go away.”

Vernier said that he thinks the system is going to get the influx of cash that it needs.  

“That’s our business plan – we invest into capital,” Barton said. 

Trustees will continue discussion of the sewer system proposal at the next Village Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, Nov. 12. 

In other action, trustees passed an ordinance authorizing a special use permit for a gaming cafe with liquor sales at 1231 Thouvenot Lane. 

Trustees authorized the installation of 19 lights for the Summit of Shiloh.

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