Shiloh Board discusses sewer system sale, 2019-20 budget

SHILOH – At the Shiloh Committee at Large meeting on Monday, trustees discussed the Asset Purchase Agreement between the Village of Shiloh and Illinois American Water for their purchase of the Village’s sanitary sewer system. 

The current wastewater collection system called the “System” is around 37 years old, according to Mayor Jim Vernier. 

“There’s a lot of equipment out there that is 37 years old,” Vernier said. “With the current system, the Village is losing money.”

Under the Asset Purchase Agreement, Shiloh would sell substantially all of the assets that constitute or are used in furtherance of the System to Illinois American.

Trustees spoke in favor of the Asset Purchase Agreement with Illinois American Water and will bring the vote to the next regular board meeting. 

Trustees then discussed the proposed fiscal year 2019-2020 budget. The budget is balanced, proposes revenues and expenditures that are conservative, but reflect the current fiscal and economic climate in the Village, according to Village administrator, John Marquart.

Marquart said numbers within the proposed budget will change as developments move from their stalled status to within the Village of Shiloh.

The park and tourism funds will be active in particular, according to Marquart. The park fund is outlined for projected improvements in the Three Springs Master Plan, a multi-phase plan to revitalize the Village’s largest park. 

Improvements include tennis court repairs, playground enhancements, sealing the Three Springs Park parking lot, repainting the basketball courts, etc. 

Within the tourism fund, marketing activity will continue in full force, according to Marquart. The marketing activity aims to show surrounding communities that the Village is a destination. 

The total proposed budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year is a figure of about $7.5 million. 

Trustees then discussed the partnership renewal with Buxton Company, the economic development firm that has represented the Village for the past approximate year. 

Trustee Greg O’Neil said he doesn’t wish to move forward with the partnership because Buxton has not brought enough commercial development to the Village. 

“I, personally don’t feel like another $50,000 is going to get us anywhere,” O’Neil said. 

Trustee Mark Herrmann agreed with O’Neil and said for the $50,000 cost per year contract, he expected “a bit more” development within the Village. 

Trustees, with the exception of Tina Wrzek, agreed to sever the partnership with Buxton Company. However, the vote will move to the next regular board meeting on Monday, May 6. 

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