Shiloh Boy Scouts honor fallen veterans


Shiloh Boy Scouts

SHILOH – Members of Boy Scout Pack 40 spent Saturday morning placing flags on the headstones of deceased veterans at the Shiloh Valley Cemetery. The troop started this Memorial Day tradition in 2005 when former troop leader Bill Tasso decided to come up with a way for his scouts to honor the memories of those who protected our freedom.

Current Troop leader Matt Addison said “Every year right before Memorial Day we come out here and we place the flags on the veterans’ graves, and we talk a little bit about what Memorial Day is. After Memorial Day, we will come back out here as a group and take the flags out.” Addison also said the troop does the same thing around Veterans Day as well.

The troop uses a database they have created that includes the pictures of the veteran’s headstones as well as a general location to try and make them a little bit easier to find every year. The whole process takes about an hour and it gives the scouts useful perspective about what these days mean.

“It’s about honoring soldiers who died protecting our freedom,” said scouts Kevin Redlin and Ryan Wexell, who were among the many troop members participating in the event.