Shiloh exploring sale of sewer system

By Nick Miller

SHILOH – Following their return from executive session at their regular monthly meeting, the Shiloh Village Board unanimously approved a measure calling for the village to put out notice that they are accepting proposals to sell their sewer system. Mayor Jim Vernier said the system the village is looking to divest itself from is the smallest in town.

“We have a small system with 1,200 customers. Its just the old part of Shiloh here. We’ve had some interest in it and it’s not like we’d be selling the entire community. The southern half is served by Belleville, St. Clair Township serves a big half. Caseyville Township serves all of the Dierberg’s area. The system we’re proposing to sell has the least amount of customers out of all of the systems,” Vernier said.

Vernier indicated a few times that the village has had interest expressed in the system and they are considering unloading it so they could reallocate manpower to other village needs.

The mayor did indicate no employees will be losing their jobs with the village if a sale comes to pass.

“We’re going to wait and see what comes of it. I don’t see it being controversial like the proposal in O’Fallon. We’re keeping all of our employees. We don’t have that many to begin with. One works a few hours a day on the sewer system. We’ll just reallocate his time,” Vernier said.