Jalen Hodge and Tabari Dunlap – Athletes of the Week

Jan 20 2016 AOTW  In what has been a season with struggles, the sophomore duo of Jalen Hodge and Tabari Dunlap have gotten the chance to develop.

Getting a chance at valuable varsity court exposure has allowed Hodge and Dunlap to begin finding their game.

“So far they have responded well to the playing time,” said head coach Rick Gibson. “They’ve had their ups and downs but they are getting more consistent and they are starting to understand what is expected of them. Being a sophomore on varsity is hard and these games are key experience for them.”

Through the midway point of the season the sophomores have done their part to help contribute to the Panthers’ offense.

Dunla is the team’s second leading scorer this season with 120 points in 17 games. Tabari has averaged seven points a game, with a 40% field goal percentage and is shooting 71.4% from the free-throw line.  At 5-foot-9 Dunlap is one of the shortest members of his team but, has 35 rebounds and 10 steals this season.

Hodge, a 6-foot guard for the Panthers, has produced 87 points in 16 games played and has a 46.3% field goal percentage. The sophomore is shooting 60.9% from the free-throw line. On defense, Hodge is the third leading Panther with 39 rebounds this season and is the second leading Panther with 25 assists.

As they head into their upperclassmen years of play, Gibson is hopeful that the duo can continue to contribute big for the Panthers.

“You can’t simulate the experience of a game in practice and luckily they are getting a chance every night to get good game experience young,” said Gibson. “They’re having some good moments, some tough moments, and all of that is a learning experience. To learn from the good things they are doing and to keep doing them while learning from the tough moments and figuring out how to overcome them.”