Southview Plaza demolition still planned, facing some delay

By Martha Stoffel

O’FALLON – Progress on the demolition of Southview Plaza is continuing, albeit slowly.

During a period for the public to ask questions, resident Charlie Pitts requested an update regarding the demolition of Southview Plaza. 

Community Development Director Ted Shekell indicated that they have received the demolition plan for the buildings, within the timeline laid out in TIF reimbursement plan. While a specific demolition date is not available, the demolition plans indicate the current plan is to begin tearing down the building located next to South Lincoln Avenue first, moving from south to north. 

City staff are still hopeful all of the structures can be demolished at one time, but the property owner is still working on a plan with Papa John’s, so the buildings may need to be demolished one at a time. 

“Papa John’s is kind of the cork in the bottle. Nothing to do with the city. Apparently Papa John’s has got an awfully good lease and they’re having to work out a deal to get them out so they can tear the building down,” Shekell said.