Spin through October at any age!

Spinning and cycling burns a ton of calories. It can help improve body composition by lessening fat mass, as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Spinning improves your cardiovascular threshold as well as stamina. Not only does spinning create a healthier and stronger heart but also it helps increase lung capacity improving respiratory health.

Spinning builds lean muscle and core strength. The muscle definition that will start showing will surprise you once you incorporate spinning into your regular workout routine. Pedaling engages gluteus muscles, quads, calves and hamstrings. The abdominal muscles should also be engaged to maintain an upright posture and breath control, instead of overworking the muscles in the low back.

In addition, spinning is a non-impact form of exercise that people can easily incorporate into their lives. If you are new or recovering from an injury you have the control to go at a slower pace (RPMs) or lower the resistance. Spinning puts less pressure on the knees, hips and joints compared to other forms of cardiovascular exercise, which allows individuals to work hard without the fear of injury and pain.

The spin/cycle class can be enjoyed by people of all ages and at the MetroRecPlex, and anyone can join the class. Spinning is an excellent high-intensity form of cardio, but it’s important for you to be sure that you have a balanced exercise routine that increases flexibility to go along with your spin/cycle class.  The Yoga, Power Yoga or Chair Yoga group fitness classes at the MetroRecPlex are a perfect addition to a spinning routine. No matter what age you are, be encouraged to be a part of the 10% of people past the age of 65 who work out regularly and prevent some of the effects of aging!

The cycle group fitness class is available Monday through Saturday at the MetroRecPlex and Yoga is available Monday through Thursday and Saturdays at the Plex! Join us this fall!