St. Clair County Board approves 2019 budget

By Pam Funk

BELLEVILLE – Prior to the November 26 Board Meeting, the St. Clair County Board held their annual budget hearing.  The proposed budget appropriation for 2019 is $166,089,187, representing a decrease of $2,587,987 or 1.53 percent from 2018.  The Appropriation Ordinance was voted on during the regular Board Meeting, with six Board Members voting no. The no votes included Craig Hubbard, Fred Boch, Nick Miller, Dave Tiedemann, Bryan Bingel, and Kevin Dawson.  

One concern Board Members voting no expressed was items that could come up that are not budgeted for, such as a possible $7 million match for a grant the county is pursuing for MidAmerica Airport. When asked why the money for the match wasn’t budgeted, Chairman Mark Kern stated the county would find that money when needed and may have to issue bonds to generate it.

“The budget is balanced and there will be no property tax increase for 2019,” said Chairman Kern.