St. Clair County Board approves Scott-Troy Road improvements

By Pam Funk

BELLEVILLE – The St. Clair County Board unanimously approved a project that will make improvements to Scott-Troy Road from Highway 50 to the St. Clair/Madison County Line at their December meeting.  

The $610,000 improvements include the milling of the existing surface and repaving the roadway, as well as the shoulders. Also included is the restriping of the roadway once the repaving is complete.  

The County anticipates that Federal Highway Administration funds will be available to fund a portion of this project.  A start date for the project has not yet been determined.

In other action, the Board voted to increase numerous fees that the County charges for various services. It is anticipated that the increase in fees will result in more than $100,000 in additional annual revenue.  

A study was recently completed that examined all fees that the County collects. The fees that the study recommended for increase are those that were not covering the expense of providing the service. Any fees that were covering the expense of the service were not recommended for increase. 

“These fees are designed to be paid by developers who are building new subdivisions rather than have property tax payers throughout the County pay for the service through their property taxes,” said Chairman Mark Kern.

Only one Board Member, Ed Cockrell, voted no on all the fee increases. Areas where fees were increased include:

• Building Regulations – Residential Permit Fees

• Property Maintenance Code – Property Maintenance Inspection

• Zoning Code – Schedule of Filing Fees

• Subdivisions – Enforcement and Fees