St. Jude’s the real winner of the boys vs. girls lacrosse match


Sibling Rivalry- Siblings Braden Gaab, freshman, and Alexis “Georgie” Gaab, senior, face off during the Boys vs. Girls charity lacrosse game. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Katherine Murray)

O’FALLON – Even the wind and chill couldn’t dim the excitement and competition on the OTHS turf as the boys and girls lacrosse teams faced off for St. Jude’s. Or “boizs vs. girlz” as the scoreboard read. The crowd rolled with laughter as each team was announced with cheerful taunting and nicknames made up on the spot. Adding to the show, several players took exaggerated bows or even cartwheels to play off their captive audience’s energy. The girls sported wacky colored shorts, while the boys went all out in skirts or tutus and even a pair of fairy wings.

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