Stacey awarded for service to Lifelong Music in O’Fallon Schools

(Submitted Photo)

At the recent District 90 Board of Education meeting, the Board recognized Pam Stacey for her Outstanding Service to O’Fallon District 90.  Mrs. Stacey served as the President and Co-Founder of Lifelong Music in the O’Fallon Schools from 2013-2018.  

Band Director, Mark Donahue said, “When a few people had the idea of forming a support group in response to cuts to the D90 music programs, the first meeting was around Pam’s kitchen table. Even though her children were in High School at that point, she knew how valuable music was to them, and wanted to ensure no child missed their opportunity to play in the band or sing in the choir.  I have had the privilege to work closely with Pam as she has grown Lifelong Music in the O’Fallon Schools. At first, it was a group supporting before school music programs run through Parks and Rec. Now they help advocate and provide grants to strengthen our current programs.  I especially admire Pam’s vision for the group. When the Jr. High Programs were back on solid ground, she felt that it would better serve the community and our students to open up grant applications to the high school and elementary programs. They have since fully funded two grants for our elementary music programs. I cannot thank Pam enough for her vision, work ethic, and friendship over the past six years. I wish her the best in her future ambitions!”  Music teacher Mrs. Bjornson added “Thank you, Mrs. Stacey, for your leadership and vision. I witness everyday the youngest all the way to the oldest in our schools truly learning to love music their whole “lifelong.”