O’Fallon PD welcomes Santa to annual breakfast

By Angela Simmons

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon Police Department hosted a successful annual Breakfast With Santa event where over 140 children were able to come make crafts, visit with Santa Claus, sing along with the OTHS Madrigals, and have breakfast with their families.

 “We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. It’s a fantastic event, and it supports our mission, which is serving the community. It’s our pleasure to do something like this for our community, because our community does so much for us,” said Captain Kirk Brueggeman, the chair of the event. 

The event, hosted at Carriel Junior High, is always free for the public and staffed by volunteers. Donations of items for the O’Fallon Food Pantry and Toys for Tots were accepted. All children that visited with Santa were given a stuffed animal. 

(O’Fallon Weekly Photos by Angela Simmons)

Carriel and Fulton students spread holiday cheer to those who need it most

Cyleease Bean and Mason Cornell, sixth grade students at Carriel Junior High School, work on putting holiday cheer into cards for the project. (Photo by Katherine Murray)

An O’Fallon District 90 study hall teacher, Katherine Murray has asked her students at both Carriel and Fulton Junior High schools to help fill out Christmas cards that will be sent to people who need holiday cheer. The students are still working on their project, but the goal is to get to 500 signed cards distributed to local senior and nursing homes, homebound seniors, and homeless shelters, as well as seniors as far away as Indiana.

Murray came up with the idea last year and completed the project on a smaller scale.

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Music filled the night at annual 5K run


Saturday evening at Amelia Carriel Junior High School was a little busier than most.

Tiki torches and music filled the night as over a hundred runners came out for the Music of the Night 5K presented by Lifelong Music in O’Fallon Schools.

Members of the District 90 band program as well as OTHS Marching Panthers volunteered to perform at the start-finish line as well as in various locations along the race route.

Runners started in front of Carriel Junior High before turning south down Seven Hills Road. They then turned west down Wesley before turning north onto Shadow Ridge, turning around when they got to St. Nicholas Church. The route then returned to Carriel, where the race ended.

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District 90 talks state financing issues, honors retirees and board members

District 90 says goodbye to their 2017 retirees and honors them for their outstanding years of service. Pictured from left to right: District 90’s School Board President, John Wagnon; Lora Handy; Jane Oberneufemann; and Mary Jane Hilden. (Submitted Photo)

The BEST committee, which features two representatives from each of the four O’Fallon school districts will be holding a retreat this June where they will discuss the largely looming idea of consolidation. The committee formed as a way to allow the districts to consolidate their buying power and collaborate in things like transportation and food service.

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Eighth grade students head to Washington D.C.

Eigth Grader Dylan Kirchoff takes a moment in front of the White House to read the O’Fallon Weekly. (Submitted Photo)

Carriel and Fulton eighth graders recently embarked on their annual sojourn to the nation’s capital. 191 students went to Washington D.C. with staff and parent chaperones from both schools for two and a half days of learning and fun.

“This year we had a really good group, and a great student to adult mix. There were two buses from each school and then one bus that was a mix of students from both schools, an overflow bus. It was incredibly hot, and it was really crowded. The students had to walk between six to ten miles a day, waking up as early as 6:00 a.m. to get ready, and they did really well and had a good time. I definitely want students to get the most bang for their buck” said Shane Flaar, a teacher at Fulton Junior High and one of the four sponsors of the trip.

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Students graduate from Carriel Junior High School at ceremony

The class of 2021 anxiously await their promotion from Carriel Junior High to OTHS.
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Katherine Murray)

O’FALLON – In a ceremony on Tuesday, May 23, eighth grade students at Amelia V. Carriel Junior High School said goodbye to their days at District 90 and took their first step toward high school.

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Carriel teacher nabs $10K Emerson Gold Star grant


Amanda Mellenthin, seventh grade science teacher, standing among the raised beds of the Carriel Junior High garden. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Katherine Murray)

On May 10, the entire seventh grade class of Carriel Junior High gathered in the cafeteria for a surprise presentation. Even the teachers were kept in the dark about the true nature of the gathering, which was a deliberate move by principal Ellen Hays. Students and staff alike were thrilled to witness a member of the Carriel family receive a great honor. Amanda Mellenthin, seventh grade science teacher and a 2016 recipient of the Emerson Gold Star Award, was awarded a $10,000 grant to fund the building of a greenhouse, as well as an additional $5,000 for technology to aide students in exploring the new educational avenues the greenhouse will open to them.

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Author gives young writers at Carriel an inside look at publishing

Seventh graders look on as Zhang explains cover design and the publication
process. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Angela Simmons)

O’FALLON – Author Kat Zhang spoke to sixth and seventh graders at Amelia V. Carriel Junior High School about her journey through publishing that began at a young age, gave tips for budding writers and signed copies of her newly released book.

Zhang, 26, has written four published novels that have been sold across the globe in 13 countries and is currently attending medical school at Washington University in St. Louis. She explained that has always been a fan of reading and writing, and decided at age 12 that she wanted to be a published author. “I hope I can serve as an inspiration to some young writers. I never had the opportunity when I was their age to meet an author or to hear about the publishing process, which is really cool,” she said.

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Mike Bost speaks to local junior high students about life in Congress

Addresses student questions about healthcare reform, Trump travel ban

Congressman Mike Bost addresses the room full of junior high students at Carriel last Thursday. Bost spoke about life in Congress, what it is like to meet a president of the United States, and answered questions on a variety of topics and issues. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

O’FALLON – The students at Carriel Junior High School had the opportunity to get a front row seat to national politics on Thursday when Congressman Mike Bost visited the school and spoke about his role in the government.

Bost, who lives in Murphysboro and is serving his second term in Washington, gave a brief introduction and bit of background before diving into talking about his current role. He began his political career by running for the county board. Later he would be elected to the Illinois House of Representatives where he would stay until 2014 when he was elected to Congress.

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District 90 represents at state track meet


The Carriel boys track team earned second place at the state track meet. (Photo provided by Carriel Coach Sarah Mister)

O’FALLON – O’Fallon District 90 made a huge statement at the SIJHSAA Class L State track meet on Saturday, May 13. Carriel Junior High had over twenty participants for both boys and girls track, while Fulton had a dozen.

Carriel Junior High finished second in both boys and girls team standings. Coming in with a big win was the 4×400 meter relay team of Amilian Branch, Sofia Parker, Peyton Schieppe and Aubrey Mister, posting a time of 4:18:94. The girls set a meet record, edging out the precious record set by Highland in 2014 by over a second. Other winners for the Lady Cougars included a first place for Schieppe in the 1600 meter, with Julie Monson placing fifth, a first place win for Mister in the 800 and second place in the 400.

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Carriel Junior High School releases third quarter 2016-17 honor roll

O’FALLON – Carriel Junior High school recently released the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2016-17 school year. Congratulations to the following students.

– 8th Grade High Honors – 

Beverly A. Ajao

Suzanne A. Baker

Brianna R. Berres

Abigail J. Blue

Andrew J. Boone

Aliya C. Braddy

Mary M. Buchanan

Jasmine E. Cathorall

Trinity L. Choice

Kylie R. Clark

Nicholas M. Cokenour

Kayla R. Conklin

Lauren E. Dawson

Spencer Z. Durnell

Nicholas P. Edwards

Ethan C. Frailey

Aynsley K. Gittner

Hayden L. Glover

Abigail Y. Harrison

Alexa J. Huller

Helen H. Jones

Noah R. Kellermann

Mackenzie J. Kirk

Ryan P. Krell

Danielle Landvogt

John B. Lloyd

Amanda M. Matthews

Abby B. Maxwell

Emma K. Minton

Aubrey J. Mister

Taylor G. Natvig

Joseph M. Novy

Nicholas L. Novy

Sarah C. Owens

Abbygael E. Perrier

Jack H. Peterson

Alanna C. Petrovic

Evan G. Potter

Margaret E. Reed

Noah H. Reed

Lauren M. Reis

Andrew L. Shelton

Ethan Stein

Kesler E. Stutzman

Kyler J. Trias

Lillian Y. Wenkel

Madalyn R. Wilson

Octavia L. Wilson

Trenton W. Zimmerman

– 8th Grade Honor Roll –

Mallory A. Bader

Kaya M. Beard

Samuel J. Beyer

Emily K. Bigham

Brent W. Black

Jozee D. Bond

Abigail K. Causey

Hannah E. Causey

Christopher J. Chipman Jr

Ethan M. Cochran

Jordan B. Cochran

Graydon P. Cornell

Alyssa M. Danielson

Tyler J. Daugherty

Benjamin L. Doan

Baylee S. Drolet

Draven E. Ellerbrake

Kamaria A. Foluke

Kerry J. Fox

Brooke E. Fulton

Victoria M. Fulton

Kiyah A. Galvin

Teya L. Garner

Morgan L. Gonski

Claire E. Hackney

Joeli N. Hentzel

Luke T. Hilliard

Meghan L. Hodge

Joshua C. Hogue

William C. Hotchkiss

Luke M. Jenkins

Kaden M. Joggerst

Kenah E. Johnson

Nolan R. Kumming

Cameron J. Lasch

Taylor W. Lehman

Haley M. Lipe

Mia L. Macias

Holden A. Mast

Imani L. McNamee

Jaylah J. Meadows

Olivia A. Meduga

Savannah D. Metz

Isabella T. Miller

April N. Morgan

Jake R. Morris

Drake A. O’Leary

Sofia V. Parker

Jaycee M. Perez

Alexa M. Prouhet

Claire E. Purdue

Grant L. Risse

Payton E. Rost

Jonathan L. Russo

Evan P. Saldana

Rodman S. Samalea

Madyson C. Scott

Raniyah N. Shannon

Kaylee M. Simpson

Jeremy C. Smith

Hannah M. Spencer

Robert F. Sutton

Wesley D. Thielemann

Gabriel V. Thomas

Madison C. Vorce

Kendall B. Walter

Kara L. Webb

Roderick F. Williams

Samya H. Williams-Booker

Lillian A. Wilson

Tatianna L. Wright

– 8th Grade Honorable Mention – 

Christian S. Berry

Tayon S. Berry

Olivia G. Beyer

Joseph E. Braunagel

Joey A. Carroll

Xaaryn C. Cesa

Xane C. Cesa

Megan L. Conner

Logan A. DeRosear

Judah I. Ezinwa

Anthony J. Fisk

Christopher M. Franklin

JaMarico R. Franklin

Asher D. Henson

Alize P. Herran

Adrienne E. Hewitt

Ayanna K. Khalid-Manning

Briceton D. King-Hart

Jayden T. Knapik

Dominick K. Mararac

Drew C. Martin

Alexus M. Monroe

Peyton K. Mutters

Dylan J. Myers

Zachary M. Northcutt

Zachary T. Rhein

Shaun L. Riley II

Jullian E. Robbs

Kynnedy M. Roller

Giovanoi D. Sanes

Aubrie N. Swanger

Lucas A. Ueda

Malak B. Zamel

– 7th Grade High Honors – 

Cody A. Barnett

Olivia A. Bookman

Ella R. Brant

Lara I. Ceccoli

Harrison P. Clinton

Carol Ann N. Davis

Grant A. Duncan

Alexander C. Dunn

Rachael A. Dziaba

Noah M. Eaton

Christopher M. Erickson

Evan A. Gass

Madeline George

Julia R. Grissom

Rosemary G. Hardy

Jacob K. Harris

Savannah R. Hendrickson

Sadie M. Hogan

Tanner T. Hollerich

Jonas B. Hostetler

Calvin J. Keller

Giovanna M. Kirby

Brittney K. Le

Connor W. Lindsey

Kelsey M. McGill

Samantha A. McNary

Jessica T. Nguyen

Lauren S. Niesen

Amy R. Porter

Kayla M. Randall

Ethan T. Rhodes

Noelle A. Rousseau

Kasey R. Sharpe

Nicholas R. Strobel

Kaden S. Vollmer

Devin S. Wilson

– 7th Grade Honor Roll –

Brooklyn A. Beltz

Katie A. Berry

William L. Blackburn

Makayla J. Blakeslee

Sierra R. Bossler

Jenna E. Braddock

Arianna L. Braddy

Amilian K. Branch

Ella D. Bugger-Fultz

Caleb A. Burton

Taylor M. Byrd

Amari’ah J. Carter

Jamal B. Carter Jr

Elizabeth J. Collins

Jack O. Crader

Erin M. Cutler

Jordyn P. Dallas

Hayden E. Dalman

Hannah K. Davinroy

Jasmine M. Day

Andrew N. Doss

Aisha S. Eastern

Thomas M. Estrada

Dominic M. Federico

Kaylee E. Franklin

Lauren N. Garn

Francis Garrison

Carime S. Gillon

Brady Gotter

Jacob A. Grawitch

Bridget E. Hagarty

Nolan Hall

Jenna G. Hobbs

Mary Elizabeth Hotchkiss

Leslie N. Huffman

Anslie S. Ireland

Gavin E. Jansen

Madyson P. Johnson

Makayla M. Jones

Savannah N. Kelly

Joel A. Lambries

Elisha S. Lamm

Pierce C. Love

Memory C. Margelino

Meredith L. Marsh

Makayla M. Mersinger

Ryan C. Miller

Julia L. Monson

Trinity D. Murray

Maria J. Muzzarelli

Andrew D. Ott

Aya C. Patterson

Eymbrie N. Penn

Ashlynn J. Phillips

Cloe F. Phillips

Felicity A. Polinsky

Alex J. Pyszka

Corey M. Quintal

Alexis J. Reeser

Jacob L. Renner

Alexander D. Reno

Natalie M. Rhodes

Michael B. Robbs

Maya A. Robison

Miracle B. Russell

Sydnie P. Scheller

Donavon C. Schexnayder

Peyton E. Schieppe

Ian J. Schilling

Joshua D. Schulhofer

Aiden J. Schultz

Luke A. Schultz

Kenay A. Scott

Kristina R. Sharpe

Alexia M. Skaggs

Logan E. Spengler

Xavier J. Stacey

Kendyl L. Stajduhar

Gabriel M. Strohm

Jessica Z. Stroup

Holden H. Teague

Matthew G. Tindall

William S. Tippett II

Mary Katherine Trelow

Olivia K. Turner

Ilodia C. Vogt

Drake R. Volkert

Mallory E. Walker

Donavan L. Whitfield

Haydin S. Williams

Janelle C. Wilson

Geoffrey A. Winkeler

Aidan C. Yost

Kaitlyn M. Yurkovich

– 7th Grade Honorable Mention –

Darien C. Barnett

Matteo Boasso

Tanner J. Burden

Coleman J. Dickey

Chase A. Dumstorff

Jessica A. Ganger

Blake R. Gruchala

Caden D. Guthrie

Patrick V. Hodge III

Robert J. Hooker III

Jacob A. Jordan

Julian L. Little

Sydney A. McBride

Sydney R. Mueller

Austin W. Renner

Rachael V. Simkins

Elizabeth G. Tomlinson

Rylie A. Vincent

Savannah D. Watkins

Jack A. Whitworth

Michael L. Wilson

– 6th Grade High Honors –

Madeline Ahlf

Sidney R. Alumbaugh

Benjamin B. Baldwin

Alia M. Barcus

Ryan J. Baskette

Reilly K. Bickel

Jackson B. Bossart

Brie A. Crabtree

Jessica L. Dittmar

Anna K. Erickson

Morgan R. Foster

Lucas R. Gibbons

Jackson P. Glover

Lauren O. Hairr

Ethan J. Hendrickson

Madeline K. Hoover

Zachary A. Horsens

Brooke A. Hughes

Katya E. Jassem

Alex P. Karns

Delaney N. Kirk

Christopher Lichota

Jordyn F. Lochmann

Damian C. Manwarren

Valeria M. Markova

Hannah E. McClure

Caden J. McVay

Kara B. Milner

Luke G. Minton

Ethan M. Nieroda

Timothy J. Peterson

Lillian G. Pitts

Catherine L. Purdue

Mollie J. Reed

Isabella K. Saldana

Isabela M. Santillan

Emily N. Schweiger

Mikayla H. Sewell

Garrett J. Shearer

Kaitlyn N. Spinnie

Kelsey L. Stroud

Jadzia N. Taborski

Rehema A. Tuju

Jacob G. Vahle

– 6th Grade Honor Roll – 

Charles-Phillip K. Ampadu

Mareana T. Anthony

Hannah N. Bailey

Hayden C. Bailey

Tyler R. Baltzell

Andrew D. Barbee

Diana L. Barragan

Juanito Barragan Jr

Karter Z. Belt

Olivia N. Bennion

Gracie A. Bergheger

Griffin M. Beveridge

Hunter M. Bindrim

Jordan A. Black

Owen Blaylock

Donald E. Blue

Joel E. Boedeker

Ava G. Bollinger

Taylor M. Bowman

Sojourner N. Brownridge

Maggie A. Carriel

Carter A. Carson

Jebii M. Chepkoit

Dakota B. Clark

Lauren E. Cooley

Trynitee K. Cooper

Braden C. Crouse

Aidan R. Cutter

Connor A. Dawson

Lillian V. DeLucio

Audrey G. Dowland

Lauren D. Edwards

Evan J. Faulk

Kendall J. Fox

Isabella R. Frazer

Brook H. Garcia

Max L. Garcia

Hayden J. Gerstenecker

Jack T. Gibson

Gabriel S. Gilbertson

Claire K. Glover

Hunter T. Goff

Hunter R. Graham

Madison J. Griffith

Saige M. Grinnell

Hannah M. Gulbronson

Michael T. Haerr

Payton R. Hamm

Leanna L. Hartsock

Alexander Hess

Alexander J. Hewitt

Jadah R. Hicks

Elliott K. Hoffmann

Karma A. James

Nolan J. Jenkins

Mason Kumming

Aric J. LaRue

Tucker D. Lehman

Kyra R. Lehrman

Connor M. Leveling

Jordan J. Lewis

Darbie M. Marshall

Skylar T. Maxwell

Peyton G. Meyer

William M. Millard

Bruce A. Miller

Riley J. Monroe

Tamarah M. Murray

Lexie M. Musser

Marisa E. Nix

Zachary C. Novy

Phoenix D. O’Leary

Julius A. Owoseni

Joseph A. Parker

Eliana F. Parks

Marcella E. Raimundi

Macy E. Ranbarger

Austin R. Renner

Jackson R. Rhein

Avery J. Rost

Ella G. Russo

Zachary E. Russo

Amaya T. Sayles

Brenna A. Severt

Rebecca S. Shepherd

Michael C. Skaggs

Lawson M. Smith

Bethany B. Stone

Mason J. Stroud

Ciara N. Swope

Avery A. Taake

Cole J. Taddei

Jessie L. Tavares

Jared Taylor

Bret D. Tomaszewski

Austin Walraven

Olivia G. White

Dahntay J. Williams

Grant A. Williams-Booker

Makenna A. Winkler

Ashlee R. Young

Carter J. Young

Taylor J. Young

– 6th Grade Honorable Mention –

Tryniti D. Austell

Grace A. Bettis

Ali D. Booker

Janae N. Brown

Kaleb D. Brown

Brody P. Bugger

Timothy J. Catanzaro II

Dwayne Chatman Jr

Dylan J. Cooper

Mariah Y. Cotton

Nicholas W. Despain

Jonah D. Ellis

Elijah J. Gramlick

Abby N. Gutgsell

Jakiyah D. Harris

Sydney M. Hayes

Sophie E. Heller

Hayley A. Horrell

Ryan M. Kroskey

Dylan C. May

Haidyn McGill

Jacob W. Midgley

Morgan N. Minar

Kylie N. Mitchell

Jayson D. Mock

Jadyn D. Pascua

Emilee I. Penn

Grace E. Polinsky

Mason E. Rohloff

Brandon M. Rust

Darien L. Singleton

Madison K. Skaggs

Mariyah D. Thomas

Peyton Vecera

Jermaine C. Williams

Jurnee L. Yates

Editor’s Note: The honor roll from Fulton Junior High School will be in next week’s edition.

Carriel Cougars capture Regional Championship, head to state

The Carriel Cougars Varsity Boys Basketball team earned the title of Regional Champions Thursday with a 58-28 victory over Whiteside Jr. High. The Cougars were led by Kaden Joggerst with 18 points and followed up by Kendall Walter with 13 points. Shaun Riley, Clay Adams, and Caleb Burton all added 5 points, while Joe Novy added 4 points, Judah Ezinwa and Nick Novy added 3 points, and Roderick Williams had 2 points.

The Cougars are 24-2 overall this season and will head to the State Tournament at Rend Lake College Saturday, February 11 at 10:45 a.m.

Pictured from left to right: Back Row: Coach Matt Hackmann, Trenton Zimmerman, Keelen Allen, Kendall Walter, Shaun Riley, Dakari Sayles, Kaden Joggerst, Coach Chris Hursey Front Row: Joe Novy, Chris Chipman, Roderick Williams, Caleb Burton, Nick Novy, Donny Whitfield, Graydon Cornell, Clay Adams, and Judah Ezinwa
(Submitted Photo)