District 90 Board approves tech upgrade at Moye

By Angela Simmons

O’FALLON – Championship bowlers, championship volleyball and excellent staff members were celebrated at the most recent District 90 school board meeting. The board also approved new positions, discussed the idea of added electives and approved a technology refresh after a presentation from district Technology Director Grady Niles. 

The annual technology refresh will be taking place at Delores Moye Elementary School. Niles shared that Moye’s projectors are fine, their Lenovo desktops need upgrading, but their Chromebooks and iPads need a refresh. The total cost to the district is expected to be $137,450 for 280 2019 32GB iPads, 280 Griffin Survivor iPad cases, 200 HP Chromebooks, 200 Google management licenses, and six Chromebook carts. Niles presented bids for each piece from multiple companies and highlighted the lowest bids for the best possible savings. 

The annual refresh is not new, and is part of a five year plan. Hinchcliffe and Estelle Kampmeyer elementary schools have already benefited from the plan. Laverna Evans and Marie Schaefer elementary schools will be the recipients of the refresh in the 2020-2021 school year, and Carriel and Fulton junior highs will receive a refresh in the 2021-2022 school year. 

As part of a refresh, Niles also presented on the districts copier machines. The current three year contract expired in February and is in a month-to-month status until the end of the school year. The district has 21 black and white and two color copiers covered under the lease, while their 14 laser printers are not covered. The district makes over 820,000 black and white copies monthly, and over 18,000 color copies. 

He proposed changing to 15 black and white copiers, eight color copiers and seven multi-function printers. The new contract with All Pro Office Technology would be $6,559.35, and would be a monthly savings over the previous contract of $650.86, amounting to an annual savings of $7,810.32. 

The board, minus absent members Mary Baskett and Steve Springer, unanimously approved both refresh proposals. 

In Other News:

Fulton Boys Bowling team made it to fourth place and Carriel student Hannah Williams placed thirteenth individually.

• The Fulton Boys Bowling team of Chase Keen, Jared Salzman, Tyler Mueller and Nathan Bassford made it to fourth place, and Bassford placed sixth individually. Carriel student Hannah Williams was also recognized for placing thirteenth individually. 

Fulton Girls Volleyball Team placed second in the SIJHSAA state tournament.

The Fulton Girls Volleyball team was also celebrated for their second place finish in the SIJHSAA state tournament, the highest that the team has ever accomplished. 

The board continued the celebrations by naming their teacher of the month, sponsored by the O’Fallon Fraternal Order of the Police. Physical Education teacher Sara Mudd teaches at both Evans and Schaefer elementary schools. She organizes annual field events, organizes the district’s Jump Rope for Heart event that has raised thousands of dollars, and, along with her colleagues, organizes the district’s annual Read and Run event. Mudd also “creates a positive, interactive learning environment every day in her physical education classes.”

Physical Education teacher Sara Mudd was named teacher of the month.

Staff member of the month Lynn Hoffman, the secretary at Carriel Junior High, was unable to be present for the meeting due to family commitments, but board and administrative members are looking forward to celebrating her.

• The board approved a job description for a new HVAC/grounds and maintenance position. The goal is to have additional help taking care of the grounds and schools and a certified pair of hands to help the district’s existing HVAC technician. 

• Also approved was the creation of a Behavioral Specialist position that will be housed at Moye. Superintendent Carrie Hruby explained that the specialist would be housed at Moye because it holds many of the district’s special needs programs. The specialist would work with teachers and students to coach them on behavioral plans to keep students on the best possible path. They would also travel to the other schools to observe and coach teachers on possible plans. The search criteria is broad to allow the board to meet with a wide variety of candidates and select the best possible person for the position. 

• A district literacy coach position that is currently part-time was approved to be full-time. The position is funded by a Title I grant, and Hruby believes that along with a math coach and Director of Curriculum Jill Lyons will be important for continuity through the schools. 

• The board discussed the possibility of adding electives at both the junior high and elementary levels. Technology and foreign language classes were discussed for junior high, while additional PE classes and technology or art were considered for elementary. The district’s budget will allow for the hiring of seven new teachers, and the board would prefer for any elective teachers to come out of that number. However, with the growth in the district, reducing class sizes is a very immediate priority. Two teachers are needed at Fulton for class size reduction, and the board would prefer to wait and see the numbers after July registration to know where the other five teachers are needed. 

When the next budget comes around and the district has a better sense of how many classroom teachers are needed, the board will revisit the idea of additional electives. 

District 90 property tax rate to decrease

By Martha Stoffel

Property tax rates are falling for O’Fallon District 90 residents, thanks in large part to property value growth, a TIF expiration and fund balance reviews by the board and administration. 

The taxing bodies recently received their preliminary tax extensions from the St. Clair County Clerk’s office for the 2018 property taxes. The extension sets the tax rate and is based on the tax levy requests made in December by the taxing bodies and the rate-setting tax base calculated from the Equalized Assessed Valuation (EAV) of properties in the district. Prior to approving the tax extension, some taxing bodies choose to review their fund balances and abate taxes. That’s exactly what O’Fallon District 90 did at their meeting Tuesday, March 19th

Taxing bodies, like the City of O’Fallon, took into consideration reserve account balances when setting their tax levy so they do not need to abate taxes during their tax extension review. Other taxing bodies, like the school districts, often set their levy at the maximum increase allowed by the state at 4.99 percent to capture all growth within the district then make adjustments after the extension is sent. 

O’Fallon District 90 saw a 5.3 percent increase in their EAV which immediately dropped their tax rate from 3.1648 to 3.1201 based on their original levy request. A review of their FY19 projected ending fund balances during their March 14th finance committee meeting led to the recommendation from Superintendent Carrie Hruby and Business Manager Patty Cavins to abate $200,000. The recommendation was to abate $100,000 from the debt services fund and $100,000 from the IMRF/Social Security fund. Finance committee chair Steve Springer suggested further reductions be considered, and those were presented during the regular board meeting on March 19th

Springer focused on the abatement of the non-capped funds (IMRF/Social Security, Debt Services and Tort). “The idea is to abate that as much as we can to a point where we cover the obligations that we have and leave some kind of a pad there to cover any kind of contingency that may arise.” The money in each of these funds can only be spent for eligible expenditures within these categories, so the thought is carrying a substantial balance is unnecessary since the district levies for the amounts needed each year.

The second option presented to the board, based on Springer’s recommendation to consider further abatement amounts, was a $230,000 abatement in debt services, $174,245 abatement in IMRF/Social Security and $119,000 abatement in tort. The debt service fund is bond and interest payments, and this amount is calculated by the county based on the payments required of the district. The IMRF/Social Security fund is the retirement for non-certified staff and Medicare contributions, the contributions for the Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) come out of the education fund. The tort fund is used for expenditures associated with risk assessment, legal reviews for things like FOIA requests and contract negotiations, liability insurance, legal fees associated with due process hearings and lawsuits, and some security staff salaries. 

When discussing the abatement for the tort fund, board member Rebecca Huller said, “I don’t want to abate any money from that (tort fund). We get FOIA’d from the public, we get FOIA’d from our own board members. That creates a lot of time, Jeff’s got to look through all that stuff. On top of the new issues that come. I think abating money out of there is ridiculous at this point.” Huller later indicated she would like to see the reserve fund balance for tort reach at least $200,000. Board member Mary Baskett echoed Huller’s concern in reducing the tort fund balance. 

The board voted separately on abating taxes from the debt services and IMRF/Social Security funds. With an approval of 4-2, the board abated $230,000 from debt services. Board members Mary Baskett and Rebecca Huller voted against the motion. They both indicated their overall desire to abate taxes, but were more comfortable with abating a lower amount. Board member Becky Drury was not in attendance. The board voted unanimously to abate $175,245 from the IMRF/Social Security fund. No action was taken for abatement of any taxes from the tort fund. 

With the $405,245 in abatements approved by the board, the new tax extension will likely set the rate for the 2018 property taxes at 3.0605. This represents a 0.1043 percent reduction from the 2017 property tax rate. With the recent property reassessments and 1.0337 township multiplier, residents may see an increase to the actual dollar amount on their tax bill, but will definitely see a lower rate for certain taxing bodies. 

In other district news:

  • Carriel Junior High student Delaney Hall was recognized as the recipient of the Prudential Spirit of the Community Award. This award was given to one middle school and one high school student from each state. Hall was the recipient for the state of Illinois at the middle school level and will travel to Washington DC in May for national recognition. 
  • The Teacher of the Month recipient was Jami Bossart and Support Staff Member of the Month was Amy Jones. Recipients were nominated by their school principal and voted on by the school board. This month’s awards were sponsored by Todd Stonewater of Edward Jones. 
  • The board gave approval to the superintendent to begin the process to post positions for an assistant principal at Marie Schaefer, an additional HVAC/Grounds person and up to seven teachers for class size reduction efforts.
  • Based on the use of 4 snow days, the last day of school for the 2018-2019 calendar is now Tuesday, May 28th. The district will also have a student attendance day April 2nd, since the county no longer uses the facilities as polling locations, to make up one of the snow days. 
  • The board also approved the 2019-2020 school calendar. The districts in O’Fallon and Shiloh are trying to align their calendars as much as possible to reduce transportation costs. The board was presented with two calendar options, the difference being Spring Break. Due to mandatory state testing at the high school level on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, OTHS will have a student attendance day on Monday, April 13. OTHS, District 85 and District 104 will have attendance days on April 13, but the District 90 board approved April 8-13 as Spring Break so Monday will not be a student attendance day for District 90. 
  • The building committee presented the board with a brief overview of projects they discussed at their last meeting, with bids coming to the board soon. Projects included parking lot repairs at most of the schools, roof repair at Fulton, and flooring at Evans. 
  • The board approved the district’s participation in the property tax abatements incentive for the enterprise zone voting 4 to 2, with Boone and Huller voting against it and Drury absent. 

District 90 and the Weekly Present the February 2019 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Hinchcliffe Elementary 
Cash Broyles

Cash is a second grade student in Mrs. Jackie Deters classroom. Cash is a wonderful addition to Mrs. Deters classroom, and he is a very caring student with a sweet and kind personality. Cash and his family do a lot to support Safe Families. Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by
compassion to keep children safe and families intact. His family donated their Christmas gifts to the families in need and dressed up as elves to deliver their gifts. Nurse Dana also sees Cash daily and says Cash comes into her office twice a day with the biggest smile on his face despite his many medical obstacles. His enthusiasm for life is demonstrated by his daily stories of what they are talking about in school or his next project or homework assignment he did the night before. Cash is a standout student with his big smile, manners and makes friends easily.

Evans Elementary
Tyler Boedeker

Tyler Boedeker is a third grade student at Evans Elementary. Tyler is conscientious student who excels in all subjects. His favorite subject is Math. He takes pride in knowing his math facts and using problem solving techniques for solving word problems. Tyler is responsible, respectful, and makes right choices throughout the school day and he is always willing to assist others. Our school is a better place because of students like Tyler Boedeker.

Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary
Gavin Cluck

The second grade team would like to nominate Gavin Cluck from Mrs. Willis’s class for student of the month. Gavin is a very caring student who is always helping others in various ways. For example, he donated a generous amount of his own money to the Pasta for Pennies program that is currently going on at EK school. Gavin is also willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it in the classroom. He is a great student and friend.  

Delores Moye Elementary
Quinn Cornell

Quinn Cornell is an excellent student and classmate.  She sets a great example for her fellow classmates by showing kindness to everyone, coming to school with her homework complete, and a ready to learn attitude each day.  Quinn is a joy to have in class, and she deserves recognition for all of her hard work. 

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Gwendolyn Wolf 

Gwendolyn Wolf is a third grad student that goes above and beyond in multiple aspects of her life.  She is an outstanding student who consistently works to reach new goals and push herself.  She is part of numerous enrichment groups and strives to master new math skills.  Gwendolyn is also an excellent model for peers in her classroom, utilizing patience and understanding to help support them.  Outside of the classroom, Gwendolyn is a wonderful, kind, and caring friend to all.  Twice this year she has shown leadership by working out conflict between peers to achieve resolution before escalating the issue to an adult.  Gwendolyn received Student of the Month recognition for the character trait of respect.  Whether with peers, teachers, supervisors, or other adults, Gwendolyn has nothing but respect and politeness to show others. Gwendolyn can manage all of this and still be a great big sister to her siblings and an extra help to her mom while her dad has been deployed since October.  

Carriel Junior High
Aidan Cutter

Aidan Cutter is a fantastic student at Carriel Junior High School.  He is super respectful in class and very caring to his classmates.   He was a leading force on the cross country team, and an integral part of their success at state. Running for three seasons, Cutter set himself apart as a leader. He was never afraid to push faster and harder, and could be heard pushing others to excel.  In addition to his academic and athletic success, Aidan is a dedicated member of NJHS, Scholar Bowl, FCA, First Priority, and Symphonic Winds playing the euphonium. Outside of the school day, he shares his musical talents by playing at church as well as volunteering to help 5th grade students who are learning to play trombone and baritone.  Other volunteer activities include Vacation Bible School, Altar Server, O’Fallon Food Pantry, providing books and necessities to students in need in St. Louis through the Little Bit Foundation, Marie Schaefer Math Night and mulching the Marie Schaefer campus. 

Fulton Junior High
Chris Chaney

Fulton is proud to recognize Chris Chaney as the February O’Fallon Weekly/District 90 Student Service Awardee.  Chris is involved in many school activities including Student Council and Scholar Bowl.  He is responsible, hardworking, and eager to tackle challenges. Whether it’s Boys Scouts or NJHS, Chris exemplifies what it means to be a young leader. He is dedicated to serving Fulton and the greater O’ Fallon community. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication!   

Sunset Rotary donates money to District 90 for security upgrades

DI(Submitted Photo)

O’FALLON – District 90 recently was proud to accept a $3,000 donation from the Sunset Rotary Club of O’Fallon. The funds will be used to purchase additional security cameras for area schools as an enhancement to the Phase I Security Project. The District would like to thank the Sunset Rotarians for their continued support of our community.

District 90 and the Weekly Present the January 2019 Student Service Award Recipients

The following students have been named by their principals in recognition for their efforts to make their school and community a better place.

Delores Moye Elementary
Molly Sue Baskett
and Whitney Milner

Molly Sue Baskett and Whitney Milner are very deserving of recognition for their terrific character. They came up with an idea to collect holiday cards to give to people at local hospitals and nursing homes. They presented the idea to their fellow fifth graders at Moye, and throughout the month of December, collected and organized cards to give to people to help brighten their holidays. Both girls are always observed making right choices and being a friend to everyone. Way to go, Molly and Whitney! We are so proud of you!  

Evans Elementary
Hannah Jenkins

Hannah Jenkins is a third grade student at Evans Elementary. Hannah is a great help in her kindergarten classroom. She assists with filing papers and returning papers, stapling papers and counting and labeling items. Hannah has been a great help in the school PBIS rewards store as well. She has helped to set up the store as well as tidy it up. Her positive attitude and friendly smile make her a real treasure and asset to any classroom.

Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary
Audrey Harkins

“New Year! New Me!” stated this happy-go-lucky little girl as she  walked into her Kindergarten classroom this year. Little did she know she truly blossomed into a “New Me”! Audrey’s progression with her academic skills from 1st quarter to 2nd quarter are amazing. Audrey exemplifies a stellar student. Even when she is aware that academics offer challenges, she smiles as she learns and works through the challenge. Her response with a grin is, “I got it!” Audrey’s hard work and determination show the wonderful progress she has made this quarter. Audrey gives each day her best and her teachers are very proud of her!   

Hinchcliffe Elementary 
Riley Lewis

Riley Lewis is not only an all-around outstanding student, but she is also a friend to everyone, a role model to all, and a truly genuine person. As a second grade student, Riley is mature beyond her years and she posses qualities that are inspiring and admired by others. Riley is able to show empathy when needed, compassion when necessary, humor when appropriate and she has a passion for life always! Besides being organized and efficient, Riley has a bubbly personality that is contagious to everyone she meets. She has a smile that matches her personality, and Riley will never be heard speaking negatively about a situation or person. Riley puts the feelings of others first, and is considerate and understanding. Riley loves her big brother Roby and sharing time with her family. She is always able to find  a positive twist on anything she is confronted with, and she pulls out whatever piece of optimism she can find and uses that to rise above whatever hurdle comes about. Her teacher says, “At 8 years old, Riley has already shown us what an inspiration kids can be, and I can’t wait to watch her grow through the years. She is really going to make a difference!”

Marie Schaefer Elementary
Emma Tate

Her teachers say Emma Tate is a super sweet girl who comes in the classroom every day with a smile on her face and is pleasant attitude toward everyone. She always does her best work and is ready to help others at a moment’s notice. She never complains and is enthusiastic about every new topic introduced in class. Emma is a complete joy to have in class!  

Carriel Junior High
Zachary Horsens

Zach is a model student at Carriel. He comes to class prepared every day with a smile on his face and is always eager to accept a challenge. Beyond the classroom he is often observed in the hallway saying hi to every person he sees, helping his peers with their lockers and cleaning up stray items and trash from the floor to keep our school looking great. He will stop by different classrooms to check to see if the teachers need help with anything even though he may not have that teacher. In addition to his excellent academic work and other extracurricular activities, Zach is instrumental in facilitating First Priority, a student-led group at Carriel.

Fulton Junior High
Bela Sanghavi

Bela has taken on an active role as a member of the Fulton Robotics Team.    Consistently she has gone above and beyond her duties to secure the best research for her team, many times staying thirty minutes late after every practice to make this happen. Currently, Bela has spearheaded a donation drive to the Spencer Pet Rescue. Those who work closely with Bela always appreciate her positive attitude and willingness to take on any given task with a smile.

District 90 honors January Teacher and Support Staff Member

Ms. Alyssa Bengtson was honored as the January 2019 Teacher of the Month by the District 90 Board of Education at their last meeting (Submitted Photo)

The District 90 Board of Education recognized the January 2019 Teacher and Support Staff of the Month at their recent meeting. This month’s staff recognition program was sponsored by Todd Stonewater, Edward Jones.

Ms. Alyssa Bengtson was recognized and applauded as the D90 Teacher of the Month for January 2019. 

Alyssa strives to make a difference in the lives of the students she teaches. Her lessons, activities, and plans are creative yet challenging. Her assessments are thorough yet individualized, and her conversations are kind yet honest. Alyssa strives to always become better as an educator. She participates in the preschool-level improvement planning (including presenting and participating in professional learning communities), is an active member of school committees and enrichment programs, and collaborates with other school staff to ensure the needs of the children are always a priority. 

Director of Early Learning, Gina Harding said, “I have had the opportunity to support Ms Alyssa during challenging conversations with tearful preschool parents. She shares obstacles and road blocks for learning in a compassionate manner that empowers parents and alleviates anxiety- as they worry about their child and what is to come. We are lucky to have Ms Alyssa as a member of our District 90 team as she builds the foundation for our youngest learners!”

Ms. Tracy Kerr was honored as the January 2019 Support Staff Member of the Month by the District 90 Board of Education at their last meeting (Submitted Photo)

Ms. Tracy Kerr was honored as the D90 Support Staff Member of the Month for January 2019.

Tracy is an individual who goes above and beyond each day for Carriel Jr. High School. She is often one step ahead, helping students remain organized, ensuring proper communication between students and teachers as well as communication home by way of the student agendas. In addition to her classroom responsibilities, she goes above and beyond by serving on the PBIS Tier 1 team to promote positive behavior school-wide. Her involvement is truly a reflection of her passion to bring positivity to our students, staff and school. 

Tracy has been instrumental in carrying out our school theme this year. We are truly able to “Rock this Year” with her reminders throughout the building. She took it upon herself to use positive song lyrics from various artists to display around the building as a constant reminder of positivity. Using her top notch decorating skills, she put forth the extra effort to decorate the entire sixth grade wing with various musical reminders. Tracy also devotes time to maintaining our school store where students can purchase items using Cougar Coupons earned from positive behavior. 

Principals Hays and Brokering say, “We appreciate Mrs. Kerr’s pride in our school and the efforts she devotes each day to bring positivity to Carriel!”

O’Fallon District 90 welcomes 17 new teachers and staff

By Annabelle Knef

O’FALLON – O’Fallon District 90 hired 17 new staff members for the 2018-19 school year. 

Those hired include: Jordan Thoele, Samantha Wiegand, Stephanie Szilagyi, Morgan Schulte, Tom Clark, Jessica Heidemann, Kathryn McNeil, Danielle Schnable, Katie Shannon, Logan Maggio, Ann Hughes, Linda Sudduth, Jennifer Allen, Katie Terziovsky, Catherine Long, Amy Little and Allison Zeisset. 

Superintendent Carrie Hruby said that District 90 is “very pleased” to welcome the new staff. 

“Once again this year we had strong candidates and this group rose to the top,” Hruby said. “We look forward to seeing their successes for many years to come in our classrooms.”

Springer refuses to step down amidst public pressure

O’FALLON – What would have been a brief special meeting for the O’Fallon District 90 Board about security upgrades and selling off retired technology turned into a four hour meeting with hours of public comment about about Board Member Steve Springer. For the second month in a row, parents, community members, and district staff spoke out for and against Springer.

A series of emails from 2016 between Springer and Superintendent Carrie Hruby regarding a transgender District 90 student and potential Muslim students have caused O’Fallon community members, local civil rights advocacy groups and even Illinois state officials, to request Springer’s resignation.

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District 90 Board Member under fire for comments about library program

District 90 Board Member Jason Boone (right) called for fellow Board Member Steve Springer to resign during the meeting held on May 15. Additionally, Boone asked Superintendent Carrie Hruby to research whether the Board had the option to remove Springer. Springer has come under fire for comments made about a program at the O’Fallon Library and emails sent to the superintendent. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

O’FALLON – A large crowd of parents, teachers, and residents descended upon the District 90 Board of Education meeting held on May 15 to express their displeasure with the statements made by Board Member Steve Springer at a recent City Council meeting about a program held at the city library.

The library event focused on a book, “Justice Makes a Difference: The Story of Miss Freedom Fighter, Esquire,” and taught children age five and older about civil rights, community service, and how to impact the world in positive ways. Springer however felt the event taught social activism and was indoctrinating the city’s youth.

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New state funding model allows for money to flow into local schools

O’FALLON – Illinois schools are finally being compared in an even light thanks to the new Evidence-Based Funding model that Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law last August. The model uses a formula of 26 factors to figure out where all Illinois school districts fall on an adequacy scale, with 90 percent being the current target. O’Fallon and Shiloh schools will all be getting additional funds based on the new formula. 

Adequacy in this sense means how much the districts spend per student versus how much the state thinks they should be spending, based on the calculations. Of the four local districts, District 104 has the highest adequacy percentage at 81 percent, and will be getting $15,187.69. District 90 came the next highest at 69 percent, receiving $205,749.50, Shiloh weighed in at 66 percent and will receive 47,970.52, and OTHS has an adequacy of 62 percent, receiving $442,069.14.

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D90 Board Member proposes arming teachers

Patricia Cummings received the “Todd Stonewater, Edward Jones District 90 Support Staff Member of the Month” Award for April.
According to Principal Joi Wills, “Patricia Cummings has been a member of the Fulton team for a number of years and has gone above and beyond to support the staff and students. Every year when I’m in the process of developing the building schedule, I receive many texts messages, phone calls, emails, and taps on my office door from teachers requesting Mrs. Cummings be assigned to their classroom for the year. This is a reflection of the way she goes above and beyond what is expected of a paraprofessional in the building. Fulton appreciates her support, professionalism, and the high expectations she holds for our students.”
(Submitted Photo)

O’FALLON – District 90 Board Member Steve Springer proposed arming the district’s teaching staff. Springer read from a presentation and resolution that sought to arm staff, but none of his fellow board members chose to support the proposition. 

“I am are concerned about how we can best protect our students – within the framework of the law – in the event of an active killer coming into our schools. Districts may be fearful of how quickly lives can be lost while waiting for law enforcement teams to arrive on scene of a school attack. An average of 8 students/staff is wounded every minute an attack goes unchallenged,” Springer said during his presentation.

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District 90 officials discuss school security and student safety

District 90 Safety Director Mark Berry and Superintendent Carrie Hruby go over some reports and plans related to school safety and security.
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

O’FALLON – Following the events at Hinchcliffe Elementary School on March 5 where threatening graffiti was found by an employee, many parents and community members have asked questions about District 90’s security procedures.

According to Superintendent Carrie Hruby and District Safety Director Mark Berry, parents, students, and staff should be aware that there are a variety of measures in place and many more being developed.

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District 90 Board approves tax levy request, raises substitute teacher pay

TOP LEFT: Board President John Wagnon with Teacher of the Month Tara Keys and Carriel Principal Ellen Hays. BOTTOM RIGHT: Wagnon with Support Staff Member of the Month Colleen Headrick and Business Manager Patty Cavins. (Submitted Photos)

The District 90 Board of Education approved a proposed 4.99 percent tax levy at their December meeting.

The increase is projected to bring in just under $1 million in new revenue if the area sees a 4.99 percent growth in estimated assessed value (EAV). District 90 Business Manager Patty Cavins projects that the district will collect $20,766,397.77 if the 4.99 percent holds and the board doesn’t abate any funds in the spring. That is a $915,977.60 increase over last year’s total tax extension of $19,850,420.17.

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Local teachers win prestigious Emerson Award

TOP LEFT: Wendy Kassing with Shiloh Middle School Principal Darin Loepker. TOP RIGHT: Jana Vasquez with Fulton Principal Joi Wills. BOTTOM LEFT: Candace Caveny at the Emerson Award dinner. BOTTOM RIGHT: Emily Auffenberg (center) with Principal Tron Young and District 104 Superintendent Dawn Elser.

Each of the four local school districts in O’Fallon and Shiloh can take pride in being the home of an Emerson Excellence in Education Award winner. Each district’s winner is among the 100 educators in the St. Louis and Metro East region to be chosen for the honor, and was nominated by their colleagues for their commitment to excellence and passion for education.

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