Fulton Jr. High announces recent Students of the Month

August Students of the Month (Submitted Photo)

Fulton Junior High School recently announced their Students of the Month for August, September, and October.

The August Students of the Month are Christopher Bennett, TyJai Tutson, and Landon Mihalik.

September Students of the Month (Submitted Photo)

The September Students of the Month are Caroline Foster, Dominic Oldani, and Isabella Davis.

October Students of the Month (Submitted Photo)

The October Students of the Month are Jacob Barrett, Lauren Meyer, and Finley Roskos. 

Fulton eighth grade student passes away

O’FALLON – An eighth grade student at Fulton Junior High School has reportedly passed away.

In a letter sent to parents on Thursday morning, Fulton Principal Joi Wills and Assistant Principal Alex Herrell shared the news that Darrion Green had died.

“It is with great sadness that I share with you the news that Darrion Green, Fulton eighth grader, has died. The details of his death are not known at this time, but we respect the family’s wishes and privacy at this difficult time and ask that you do the same,” the letter stated.

Fulton counselors, as well as other area school district counselors, will be available to work with both students and staff for as long as needed.

“As a school we will do everything we can support all students. Our hearts are grieving. We know this event will have a profound effect on everyone who knew this young man but we also know that every student on the Fulton campus and throughout our community will be touched by this news,” the letter continued.

In a post on the District 90 Facebook page, it was announced that all after school activities, including practices, have been cancelled for today.

Fulton Junior High students honored as Gateway East Young Achievers

Eleven students from Edward Fulton Junior High School were honored as 2017 Gateway East Young Achievers. The students were part of 126 honored representing 11 area counties. The sixth grade students from Fulton are John Chaney, Braden Eccher, Hannah Kim, Lauren Meyer, Julian Mitchell, Sophie Wilcox, and Michael Zimmerman. The seventh grade students from Fulton are Kendall Barnett, Britain Garner, Audrey Lutz, and Eric Shackelford.

Additionally, Eric Shackelford was awarded “Young Achiever of the Year,”. This special honor is given to the top four Young Achievers. He earned a $250 U.S. Savings Bond and is nominated for international recognition by The International Leadership Network.
Students are nominated by teachers. From there, the kids must submit a resume with a letter of recommendation speaking to their involvement in school. Eric is pictured with his nominator, Mr. Flaar. (Submitted Photo)

Eighth grade students head to Washington D.C.

Eigth Grader Dylan Kirchoff takes a moment in front of the White House to read the O’Fallon Weekly. (Submitted Photo)

Carriel and Fulton eighth graders recently embarked on their annual sojourn to the nation’s capital. 191 students went to Washington D.C. with staff and parent chaperones from both schools for two and a half days of learning and fun.

“This year we had a really good group, and a great student to adult mix. There were two buses from each school and then one bus that was a mix of students from both schools, an overflow bus. It was incredibly hot, and it was really crowded. The students had to walk between six to ten miles a day, waking up as early as 6:00 a.m. to get ready, and they did really well and had a good time. I definitely want students to get the most bang for their buck” said Shane Flaar, a teacher at Fulton Junior High and one of the four sponsors of the trip.

To read the full article, pick up a copy of this week’s paper on newsstands now. Or, click here for the digital edition

Fulton teachers kiss goat as part of Autism Awareness fundraiser

Teachers Katherine Elimore (left) and Ashley Frey (right) kiss a goat as a reward for students who raised over $1,000 for the Fulton Junior High School LifeSkills class. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

O’FALLON – As part of Autism awareness, the LifeSkills class at Fulton Junior High hosted a fundraiser which engaged the community and earned the ultimate prize of a teacher kissing a goat. The grand total raised was over $2,000.

A barbecue held at the O’Fallon Moose Lodge 2608, staffed by the teachers Kristine Correll and Katherine Elimore and their eight aides, netted $700. Many teachers and students attended.

The American Legion of O’Fallon raised $191, and Mandy’s East State Bar raised $228.

To read the full article, pick up a copy of this week’s paper on newsstands now. Or, click here for the digital edition

Fulton Jr. High Drama Club presents Gooney Bird Green and her True Life Adventures

O’FALLON – The Drama Club at Fulton Junior High School presented “Gooney Bird Green and her True Life Adventures” this past weekend. The story focuses around a special character full of unique style and personality that has a positive effect on those around her. Through the play she teaches the other characters that everyday life can be a great adventure.

(O’Fallon Weekly Photos by Nick Miller)

The District 90 band performed during the show under the direction of Gooney Bird, played by Maddie Koester, and the conductor, played by Sophie Wilcox.

Fulton Junior High School releases third quarter 2016-17 honor roll

O’FALLON – Fulton Junior High school recently released the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2016-17 school year. Congratulations to the following students.

– Sixth Grade High Honors –

Morgan Anderson

Carlee A. Auld

Audrie L. Ballard

Chanel E. Berg

Audrey M. Bouland

Caleb R. Brandon

Lucille A. Carney

John P. Chaney

Aidan W. Cook

Melissa A. Cruz

Braden A. Eccher

Jackelyn G. Fischer

Caroline Glover

Natalie D. Hagerman

Wyatt H. Heap

Aidan C. Johnson

Hannah Kim

Myreone R. King

William B. LaDuke

Gianna R. Leonelli

Keira Longhorn

Connor N. McKee

Valerie R. Meinkoth

Lauren O. Meyer

Julian C. Mitchell

Ansley M. Ori

Alexis O. Paten

Sophia M. Phebus

Liliaunna D. Ponsano

Abby A. Preski

Isabella Rohn

Ethan T. Runkwitz

Joshua R. Simpson

Carter L. Spellman

Abigail F. Tamblyn

Chase L. Varady

Sophie Wilcox

Cameron G. Well

Michael R. Zimmerman

 – Sixth Grade Honors – 

Josh B. Albritton

Breanna L. Asher

Lucas S. Aylor

Bronwyn Baer

TaJa’jah M. Baker

Rebekah A. Barnes

Nathan C. Brassford

Jonathan H. Bitner

Abigail L. Bloom

Nolan Blue

Jack Bortz

Carter T. Breuchaud

Austin Brown

Evan R. Caito

Kristen Conrad

Brendan Crankshaw

Sarah P. Davis

Connor J. Deck

Riley Dewitt

Bobby B. Driver

Youseff M. El Hamarnah

Alyssa R. Frederking

Jimmy Fuller

Kathryn V. Giedeman

Dominic E. Goetz

Kayla L. Graney

Darrion M. Green

Ella F. Harris

Jake B. Hasty

Isaiah D. Hiben

Jessica Hicks

Camryn J. Huskey

Jake D. Hutchison

Rohan K. Jacob

Heath D. Johnson

Landen D. Johnson

Jayla Jones

Anuj A. Kashyap

Cameron M. Kelley

Nathan G. Koenig

Leslie Kolman

Angel A. Leverette

Zachary M. Levin

Kate V. Louer

DeVaun L. Lovelace

Megan Marrs

Mackenzie L. Marsala

Joshua A. Martin

Lauren E. Marx

Kalyda C. Mattison

Delaney Maxey

Annalie P. McWhorter

Maggie J. Meade

Christian S. Meitzenheimer

Colton R. Michael

Bryce E. Mikos

Abbey Mitchell

Jason M. Morris

Kaylin J. Morton

Brett C. Mueth

Dane Niblett

Dominic S. Oldani

Elijah Olsen

Lauren D. Orlando

Hunter A. Paskert

Connor S. Patton

Camren O. Perry

Robert J. Plantz

Bryant M. Powers

Jada M. Reed

Austin Reinacher

Amelia G. Richards

Jacob L. Richards

Natalie H. Richards

Abigail H. Richardson

Eddie L. Ricks III

Lleyton A. Roan

Katherine E. Robinson

Seth J. Sanchez

Sierra A. Sanchez

Kayla S. Seeger

Madeline M. Sheehan

Hannah E. Simpson

Victoria L. Simpson

Camden Slade

Graham Y. Smith

Olivia M. Smith

McKenna Spilker

Madelyn A. Sprouse

Drue I. Steder

Alinafe Z. Tambala

Bradley J. Thomas

Donaven T. Thomas

Paige O. Thomas

Samantha A. Toennies

Tyler M. Tomko

Jack Tredway

Madison Turner

Michael C. Turner

Ty-Jai Tutson

Katie N. VanHoose

Logan Waegner

Lane A. Wahlgren

Emma E. Wallen

Kennedi L. Washington

Evan M. Weber

Cori L. White

Francesca S. White

Tyrone Wilkins Jr.

Monique R. Wyrostek

Andrew M. Zywicki

 – Sixth Grade Honorable Mention – 

Keegan P. Coleman

Cameron Fisher

Travis M. Hardin

Sophie M. Hazelwood

Jayla M. Hunt

Jacob C. Pekala

Alexander H. Peresta

Sabrina G. Phebus

Hailey E. Plate

Simarii A. Price

Katlyn S. Roberts

Maria T. Rodriguez

Devan H. Rush

Sophia M. Salinas

Mark L. Samford

Maeleigh K. Savin

Jeremy R. Scoggins

Derrick L. Scott

Trenton R. Simon

Kyle R. Sternberg

Matthew D. Viventi

Sean M. Witzel

– Seventh Grade High Honors – 

Rachel A. Allerheiligen

Sarah B. Allerheiligen

Annaleigh E. Anderson

Alexandra K. Baldessari

Lindsey O. Barnes

Kendall R. Barnett

McKenna S. bates

Noah A. Berthot

Ried C. Brokering

Giavanna Cabrera

Caden J. Cannon

Dylan A. Clark

Courtney E. Conners

Kaylee R. Cordevant

Olivia A. Crabtree

Payton M. Davison

Brandon M. Dawson

Sadie DeLange

Kelsey A. Dismukes

Hanna C. Donahue

Luke E. Ellerbeck

Jayme E. Espino

Wardell C. Golden

Angad S. Gothra

Sasha S. Gothra

Shawn S. Gothra

McKenna G. Hall

Matthew V. Hart

Reagen C. Hoefle

Isaiah M. Jackson

Mackenzie L. James

Jack M. Kollins

Alexa Kosmopolis

Colin J. Laughrey

Conner R. Levin

Tyler C. Lunning

Audrey J. Lutz

Reagan S. Martin

Matthew D. McGee

Hannah B. Meier

William W. Moritz

Alexander G. Mueller

Megan E. Mueller

Prisha Patel

Elizabeth G. Reyna

Brook M. Reign

Savana R. Robertson

Albert J. Scrivner

Eric C. Shackelford

Jackson T. Slaby

Brandon Snyder

Samantha Sprite

Samantha M. Suchanek

Bryce A. Tate

Nathan C. Valentine

Ally M. Ward

Avery E. Ward

Michael J. Ward

Ashton K. Wells

– Seventh Grade Honors – 

Arcadio R. Alburto Jr.

Isabel M. Allerheiligen

Madison R. Bala

Alyssa M. Baldwin

Olivia Beard

Savanah Breithaupt

Abbie A. Burkhalter

Gabrielle N. Clement

Amara D. Coleman

Cameran E. Colombo

Ethan S. Course

Kaylee E. Darnell

Ryan Deagan

Devitt J. Derickson

Dereck A. DeVore

Matthew Dickerson

Joshua B. Dluhy

Benjamin W. Eckell

Olivia N. Findley

Zachary L. Fisher

Emily Frentzel

Ayden S. Frickleton

William L. Garcia-Boyd

Britain A. Garner

Madison Gleave

Braden M. Gunther

William J. Halberl

Brant G. Hackstadt

Jacob C. Has

Coriana R. Hall

Logan T Hampton

Nathaniel G. Hancock

Gabrielle S. Harmon

Joseph D. Heller

Ethan C. Hoerner

Juda L. Horton

Ella L. Humbert

Jayelin C. Jaye

Chloe M. Johnson

Hannah M. Jones

Barret S. Kadavi

Emily M. Karr

Mira R. Kassab

Morgan M. Keefe

Aidan J. Keefe

Aidan J. Keen

MaKayla O. Kelsey

Garrett M. Knerrer

Madeleine R. Koester

Dylan J. Kolb

Carson F. LaBrayere

Michael A. Larson

Amaya S. Lawary

Oliver R. Logan

Daniel A. Mack

Kailyn M. Marion

Adam E. Mason

Abigail E. Mathews

Hailey M. McGinnis

Grant P. McMahon

Madeline J. Behold

Luke A. Miller

Jolyn Karina P. Modesto

Christopher J. Moore

Olivia G. Mussatto

Elijah A. Nichols

Samuel R. Norrenberns

Andrew J. Ord

John Pahnke

Violet Patten

Hannah M. Peczkowski

Austin A. Pollock

Connor J. Pyrdeck

Konner R. Rachel

Sophia H. Ratajczyk

Calia M. Riggs

Andre B. Robertson

Jack M. Robinson

Rylee M. Schiermeier

Jake W. Schildknecht

Alexis R. Schloer

Makenna S. Shipman-Rowden

Lillian P. Simmons

Emma R. Speakes

Oscar L. Speakes

Michael J. Stanley

Deja A. Stewart

McKennda S. Stiles

Evan J. Stogner

Caroline B. Suydam

Ethan J. Swierczek

Christopher D. Taylor

Matthew N. Turner

Madeline M. Vanderheyden

Ashley L. Walker

Madison L. Westmoreland-Kush

Blake Westrater

Angelina K. Wu

– Seventh Grade Honorable Mention –

Stephen W. Adamsky

Alexis Borgstrand

Corrina Coghlan

Kristin M. Drewry

Aniyah D. Gee

Evan C. Gibson-Mayhood

Calia L. Grinston

Aaron M. Grosos Jr.

Corina D. Hall

Eboni J. Jackson

Keagan F. Kanizar

Jillian R. Klein

Sterling M. Lane II

Madalin M. Ledford

Annaleese S. Logan

Matthew J. Long

Kearstin M. Manning

Brooklynn P. McAllister

Trenton I. McDaniel

Aiden M. Morris

Markel F. Nicholson

Gabrielle L. Parker

Valentina M. Salinas

Lucie S. Speakes

– Eighth Grade High Honors –

Connor W. Auld

Jackson M. Baker

Hillery R. Balisteri

Alaina E. Balance

Jacob A. Baron

Samuel J. Becker

Kelan M. Branch

Mackenzie M. Brown

Beau D. Carney

Bryce Cotter

Jacqueline P. Curtis

Janelle Y. Davis

Griffin T. Deberry

Alek DeFrancesco

Alexis L. Denton

Taj M. Diltz

Faith M. Dover

Sarah E. Doyle

Matthew E. Eversole

Alexandra M. Farroll

Haylee M. Gerstner

Anika L. Gray

Grant T. Gruenloh

Samuel J. Gunnick

Isabella Heap

McKenna b. Heap

Olivia A. Hellin

Abigail G. Hurst

Vishal P. Jacob

Breanna N. Johnson

Amy Kalteis

Dylan L. Kurchoff

Tristen A. Krumenauer

Amax M. Marrel

Tayler A. Martin

Knyah N. Mattinson

Sydney J. McAuliffe

Kiley F. McElroy

Elana C. Melzer

Brenna D. Mitchell

Hohn A. Moore

Alexandra Mueller

Dylan J. Osborne

Khushi N. Patel

Makenna S. Pinkham

Sophie M. Robinson

Madison C. Rohn

Carmela R. sales

Reagan Smallwood

Isaac Steward

Gabriel C. Stouffer

Carli R. Street

Jacob J. Swierczek

Sophia A. Toner

Halle E. Wahlgren

Trinity N. Whitesides

– Eighth Grade Honors –

Michael J. Alblinger II

Nevaeh D. Bailey

Patrick I. Bramble

Sidney L. Brown

Chloe A. Campbell

Olivia N. Charles

Erionna Coleman

Nicholas R. Coleman

Nailah S. Collins

Sydney B. Cox

Isabel Crabtree

Caden Craig

Caleb Craig

Emma I. Cramer

Ja’leeah Y. Crockett

Camryn A. Crumer

Leo A. Da Silva

Jason P. Dela Cruz

Aine M. Dixon

Brayden L. Dreyer

Emily E. Eisemann

Tarren C. Elder

Brett R. Emmerich

Beyonce L. Enriquez

Rhiana Z. Farlin

Kailei Fenton

Alexis Gaffney

Zoe R. Gibson

Dallyn S. greenly

Mikayla Hagerman

Joshua G. Harn

Jamison L. Hawotte

Jonah D. Hayes

Sophia J. Hipskind

Caleb J. Horton

Zoie M. Howard

Luke P. Hruby

Kennedy T. Huskey

Kennedy B. Johnson

Mia S. Johnson

Elija N. Jones

Kalin G. King

Jordyn Kraft

Alexandria J. Krause

Christan Leonneli

Aurea M. Lopez-Borrero

Mark A. Lorenzo III

Clayton J. Lovell

Logan T. McDowell

Ty. R. Michael

Jason A. Newman

Corey A. Noe

Olivia L. Ori

Alandra L. Parram

Isabel Patten

Taylor R. Pollock

Natalie Powers

Isaiah G. Proffitt

Justin Quiroga

Robert D. Rizzo

Christopher Robinson

Christian M. Saenz

Tyler L. Sanford

Arielle E. Savin

John T. Sexier

Chloe R. Siddle

Tyler S. Simpson

Taylor M. Singleton

Claire E. Stone

Braden Smith

Olivia J. Staggs

Gabrille L. Stone

Zachary E. Tackett

Sophia Tamblyn

Nathaniel D. Tarin

Drew A. Tebbe

Ernice K. Thrash

KeShaun E. Tillman

Alexander J. Tomko

Heather Turpin

Jenna D. Wallace

Joshua Werner

Jaquelyn A. Whyte

Travis C. Wilkinson

Tyler A. Williamson

– Eighth Grade Honorable Mention –

Marcus L. Acoff

John C. Baker

Isabelle C. Bassford

Madison Burkett

Jyevonne M. Chapel

Mason P. Dowdy

Ra’Ven U. Eastern

Jessica Fischer

Samuel S. Giedeman

Malik J. Hambright

Brenna R. King

Emma E. Kurtz

Chase McCrory

Aidan J. Miller

Gregory Milliner

Chelsea A. Reed

Sean G. Turner

Fulton volleyball team wins third at state

Fulton’s Varsity volleyball team won third place this weekend at the ISJHSAA State tournament in Pickneyville, IL.  They finished their season 23-3 overall. Throughout the season the team also won the Triad tournament as well as their Regional title.  The team was the undefeated conference champions.  The members of the team were Lexi Kosmopolis, Ally Denton, McKenna Heap, Ali Mueller, Taylor Pollock, Haylee Gerstner, Erionna Coleman, Halle Wahlgren, Sophia Toner, Sophie Tamblyn, Mackenzie James, and Olivia Mussatto.  The team was coached by Nicole Flaar, Melissa Burger, and Jason Satterfield.  The manager was Dorothy Stanis-Way. (Submitted photo)

Fulton life skills class garden blooms with opportunity

IMG_9231 RESIZEDO’FALLON – The life skills class at Fulton Junior High is helping students appreciate growing and cooking their own food, and helping students to gain knowledge about harvesting seeds for sale.

Teacher Sue Black spoke about the state of the garden at Fulton that spurred her to build it back up. “It was pretty much just weeds and I couldn’t stand it. I have a garden at home and I just started bringing plants in,” she said.

Black decided she wanted to add some vegetables to the garden to give the life skills class some fresh ingredients they can use in their cooking instruction. “I got leftover cucumbers, squash seeds, and tomato plants on sale. They started using these in the kitchen and started thinking bigger, about more vegetables that they can cook in class,” she said. The O’Fallon Garden Club also donated some plants that were leftover from their plant sales.

In addition to the vegetables, the class harvests seeds that they package and sell. The seeds that are sold are from cleome and milkweed plants, which are most well known for attracting butterflies. Students measure out a teaspoon of seeds, about 70 seeds, and put them into packets that the classes make from recycled scratch paper. The packets are one dollar each and the money raised from selling the seeds is used to purchase more garden supplies, such as tomato cages, soaker hoses, more seeds, and more.

“The students plan what they want to garden and harvest and take into consideration germination time. Some of these kids may not reap the benefits when they go to eighth grade, but some of them will get to come back and see what they’ve got growing,” Black said.

Black also mentioned that the students enjoy using fresh oregano and basil and making homemade salsa that comes from garden ingredients, saying “They get a kick out of the fresh smell, and they say that things taste different and better than store-bought. They’re much more excited about vegetables since they watch them ripen and grow.”

The garden is maintained by the life skills class, along with Black and other Fulton staff, and other students. “NHS students come to help every Thursday. Our garden time is part instruction, part time in the garden, so there’s still plenty to do,” Black said.

She mentioned that ultimate plans for the garden include having it plowed and made to be wheelchair accessible. The class would also like to add some fruit trees.

For information about how you can help the life skills class and their garden project, contact Fulton Junior High at (618) 628-0090.

Fulton Junior High observes Breast Cancer Awareness week

img_9205-resizedStudents and faculty at Edward Fulton Junior High School recently observed Breast Cancer Awareness week and participated in a variety of events.

Last Tuesday, teachers were allowed to donate $5 in order to wear jeans each day during the week. Additionally, pink lanyards and bracelets went on sale.

On Wednesday, students were allowed to wear a hat in school if they paid a dollar donation.

Thursday was Pink Out day, where everyone was asked to wear pink. Also, students were able to donate a dollar to use their electronic devices at lunchtime. Pictured above are students paying their dollar prior to lunch.

Finally, on Friday, the school came together for an assembly. As of Wednesday, more than $900 had been raised that will be donated to the Sietman Cancer Center. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

Junior High students, staff take part in prayer event

More than 40 students at Fulton Junior High School

More than 40 students at Fulton Junior High School

O’FALLON – Students and staff gathered together Wednesday morning outside of Amelia V. Carriel Junior High and Edward Fulton Junior High School to join hands for “See You at the Pole 2016”, a national moment of prayer for youth. Students around the globe gathered at their schools’ flagpoles, praying for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities.

(Photos by Stephanie Watkins and Kelly Walker)

Students and staff at Carriel.

Students and staff at Carriel.