Planning Commission approves Schnucks pour liquor license, new strip mall

Richard Hoenig, store director of Schnucks, spoke at Tuesday’s meeting and said the sale of beer and wine in the Kaldi’s Coffee Shop is meant to complement food sold in the shop. 
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

O’FALLON – At the planning commission meeting on Tuesday, May 14, the commission approved recommendations for a pour liquor license for Schnucks and a strip mall development behind Jimmy John’s in O’Fallon. 

Applicant Jed Penney for Schnucks Markets, Inc. has filed an application with the city of O’Fallon requesting planned use approval to obtain a pour liquor license to allow for the sale of wine and beer in the existing Kaldi’s Coffee Shop and covered patio at the grocery store. 

Schnucks, located at 907 E Highway 50, is currently zoned B-1 Community Business District and the applicant is requesting it be rezoned to B-1(P) Planned Community Business District to allow for the sale of retail liquor for onsite consumption. 

Richard Hoenig, store director of Schnucks, spoke at Tuesday’s meeting and said the sale of beer and wine in the Kaldi’s Coffee Shop is meant to complement food sold in the shop. 

Hoenig said those who choose to partake in the wine and beer consumption would be restricted to the coffee shop and the covered outside patio. 

Illinois State Statues require places with alcohol sales to be separated by a minimum of 100 feet from places of worship. Crossview Church is located 279 feet away from Schnucks, which meets the state’s requirement. 

Pastor of Crossview Church, Kent Wilson, spoke at Tuesday’s meeting against the request of Schnucks due to the risk of drunk driving and the nearby children who use the church’s land for recreational purposes. 

“Why would anyone want to subject our children or even our adults for that matter to the possibility of having an alcohol related incident on its property or the property of its neighbors,” Wilson asked those gathered at the meeting. 

“I’m not willing to jeopardize the health and safety of children or for anyone just so Schnucks can offer a single bottle of beer and make a few extra bucks,” he said. 

Hoenig said those working in the coffee shop would have the right to refuse service to customers should they be visibly impaired. “We do not want anyone leaving impaired from our establishment.”

“If something should happen, I want to be on record that our church stood up against this,” Wilson responded. 

The commission ultimately approved the recommendation in a majority vote to approve the pour liquor license for Schnucks on the condition that the liquor sales be between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m., which coincides with Kaldi’s food sale hours. 

Also at the May 14 meeting, the commission passed a motion to recommend approval of the Planned Use for The Shops at Richland Creek.

The applicant, Geren Moor of Franklin Land Associates, LLC has filed an application requesting approval of a planned use and preliminary plat for parcels of land generally located in the southwest corner of Green Mount Road and Central Park Drive, extending south to include frontage on Frank Scott Parkway.  

The application is for a 17.23-acre mixed use development to be known as The Shops at Richland Creek, including an 8-lot preliminary plat.  The initial phase includes three buildings, totaling 17,800 square feet of retail and restaurant development on Lot 8 (3.03-acre proposed parcel). 

The remaining lots would be for various other retail, hospitality and service type uses.  The site includes providing a public street connecting Frank Scott Parkway to Central Park Drive, with a signalized intersection at both Frank Scott Road and Central Park Drive. 

The development will also construct private drives to provide access to the other seven lots associated with The Shops at Richland Creek, including a right-in, right-out on Central Park Drive and cross-access to the retail strip center and the Bank of Edwardsville/ Bussey Bank lots along Green Mount Road. 

The applicant is requesting the property be rezoned from “B-1” Community Business District to “B-1(P)” Planned Community Business District. 

Jeff Pape of GBT Realty Corp., spoke of the development and some of the potential businesses that would make up the plaza. 

Pape said potential businesses that have expressed interest in being in the plaza are taco bell, mod pizza, chicken salad chick, wasabi sushi, smoothie king and The Learning Experience, which is a pre-school program. 

The commission recommended approval of the Planned Use Rezoning with the following conditions.

• Variance to the buffer requirement to allow for the existing natural buffer to be allowed in lieu of constructing a structural buffer.

• All recommendations of the traffic study shall be incorporated in the approval of The Shops at Richland Creek. 

• The traffic study must be approved by St. Clair County Department of Roads and Bridges.

• A set of Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and Reciprocal Easement Agreement must be recorded with the plat to maintain common improvements, provided for cross-access and cross parking for all the lots, compatible materials and size of signage and buildings. 

• The remaining lots in The Shops at Richland Creek will be subject to the Commercial Design Handbook as well as the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and Reciprocal Easement Agreement for the overall development of the project.

• The planned use for The Shops at Richland Creek will include the approval of the uses outlined in the report for Lot 1 – Lot 7.

Commission approves senior living facility, church in Vetta Sports

Gary Dial of Community Bible Church. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

O’FALLON – At a planning commission meeting on Tuesday, April 9, the commission approved recommendations for a senior living facility along Frank Scott Parkway and Community Bible Church in the Vetta Sports building on Hartman Lane. 

The senior living facility known as Keystone Place at Richland Creek would be located at 1050 Fountain Lakes Drive on the northwest quadrant of the intersection of Frank Scott Parkway and Fountain Lakes Drive. 

The applicant, Fernando Casey of Nascon, LLC, filed an application to the city of O’Fallon requesting a zoning amendment and planned use approval to construct the 152-unit, four story and 167,874 square foot facility. 

The applicant is requesting the property be rezoned from “B-1(P)” Planned Community Business District to “MR-2(P)” Multi-Family Residence Dwelling District. 

The 4.9 acre site is currently vacant and was previously approved for a retail center and restaurant but was never constructed. 

The senior living facility would offer three different unit types, including independent living units, assisted living units and memory care units. It would have 53 independent living units with 34 one-bed and 19 two- bed units, 75 assisted living units with 60 one-bed and 15 two-bed units and 24 memory care one-bed units. 

The O’Fallon planning commission approved staff recommendation for approval of the Keystone Place at Richland Creek project with the following conditions: 

• Parking requirements for the senior living facility move from 186 spaces to 115 spaces, per ITE recommended parking calculations for retirement facilities.

• If the cross-access easement is obtained, the easement and joint maintenance agreement/covenants will be required for the access points with the apartments and senior living facility. 

• There will be a park land dedication requirement of 0.528 acres, with the requirement being fulfilled through a fee in lieu of land in the amount of $26,928.

• The building will need to be constructed with fiber cement siding, not vinyl siding. 

Nick Burrus of Milano and Grunloh Engineers. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

Nick Burrus of Milano and Grunloh Engineers was present at the Tuesday meeting to show support for the senior living facility project. 

The commission then oversaw the application from Community Bible Church requesting a planned use authorization for a parcel of land at 590 Hartman Lane for a church in a B-1 (P) Planned Community Business zone district.

The building located on the property is currently used for Vetta Sports. The application indicates the proposal is for the reuse of the existing structure and parking lot for the church, including the use of the building for church services, offices and meetings.

Gary Dial of Community Bible Church said the intent of the church is renovate the inside for use and meet city requirements as well. “And to hopefully make improvements to the structure itself and provide benefits to the community.” 

Dan Polites, who owns property south of the Vetta Sports building, attended the April 9 meeting to show support for Community Bible Church and said it’s a “nice addition” to the O’Fallon community. 

The O’Fallon planning commission approved staff recommendation for approval of Community Bible Church with the following conditions: 

• The occupancy of the church shall not exceed the city’s minimum parking requirements for spaces provided on the property.  Based on the current 131 parking spaces — the maximum occupancy is limited to 327 people.  If at any time the church were to construct additional parking on-site, the city would reevaluate the maximum capacity.

• No expansion of parking or the building is permitted with this planned use.

• The property must be cleaned up and restored prior to occupying the building, including; street trees along Hartman Lane, all lighting standards shall be repaired and operational and the drainage ditch present along the southern property line will need to be cleaned up to ensure the parking space depths are achieved.

• No parking shall occur off-site.

• If the area to the east of the building is to be used for parking, it must be upgraded to new parking lot standards.

• Due to the nature of the nearby drainage ditch, encroachment could occur on the ditch; however, if the riparian area of the ditch is encroached upon by future development additional best practices for stabilizing and maintaining the ditch will need to be constructed in accordance with the Public Works Department. 

Planning Commission recommends development along Seven Hills Road

Seven Hills Road resident Robert Dawson expressed concern about the projects being proposed along his road and Wesley Drive. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

O’FALLON – At a meeting Tuesday evening, the O’Fallon Planning Commission approved a recommendation to the City Council to move forward with three separate developments on Seven Hills Road. 

The future land use and developments include: a professional office complex, a senior living facility and a patio home development. 

The three developments would take up approximately 27 acres of land northeast of the intersection of Seven Hills Road and Wesley Drive. 

The professional center being proposed would consist of a 25,200 square foot office complex, which would include three buildings and 109 parking spaces. 

Community development assistant director Justin Randall said that in terms of traffic concerns, two points of access into the development are being proposed. 

There will also be a sidewalk that is extended along Seven Hills Road and signage that will meet city regulations.

The 9.5 acre senior living facility, Vantage Pointe at O’Fallon, would be developed over three separate phases. 

The first phase to be developed would be a 92-bed assisted living and memory care facility in a two story building. The second phase consists of a 30-bed independent living facility in a two story building. The final phase is ten attached independent living townhomes. One hundred and twenty two parking spaces would be required per city regulations. 

The third Seven Hills Road development, Patio Homes North, consists of 14 acres and 23 lot space for attached single-family residences. 

Primary access to the development would be from East Wesley Drive. Randall also noted a future extension of the street would take place and connect to adjacent properties.  

“CBB along with our Public Works department looked at what will Wesley (Drive) do in the future. It makes sense for Wesley to begin to move North,” Randall said. 

According to the traffic study recommendation discussed at the meeting, the existing traffic volumes on Seven Hills Road indicate that a left turn lane on Seven Hills to Wesley Drive is warranted. 

“That is something that this project doesn’t have anything to do with. This is something that existing conditions are warranting,” Randall said.

The traffic study also recommends that in long term, the intersection of Seven Hills Road and Wesley Drive will need to be restructured to accommodate existing traffic and the potential connection of Wesley Drive to Scott-Troy Road. 

It also recommends for a left turn lane from East Wesley Drive to southbound Seven Hills Road.

Community Development Director Ted Shekell said that the CBB traffic study did not recommend a traffic light for Scott Troy Road and Wesley Drive. 

At the Jan. 8 meeting, O’Fallon residents voiced their concerns about the proposed developments for Seven Hills Road. 

Homeowners off of Seven Hills Road and surrounding property owners expressed to the Planning Commission that they were not informed about the proposed projects until hours before the Tuesday meeting. 

According to Larry Sewell, Chairman of the Planning Commission, only homeowners within 250 feet of the proposed developments were required to be notified. 

A homeowner off of Seven Hills, Robert Dawson, said that he is concerned over the mixed usage of land being proposed near Wesley Drive. 

“We’re making a decision about opening Pandora’s box right now that impacts the entire community of citizens here, not just the people who live within 200 feet of this proposed development,” Dawson said. 

Patricia Lauderdale, a homeowner on the corner of Wesley Drive and Seven Hills, expressed frustration at the existing condition of traffic on her street. 

“I can tell you that traffic is nuts,” Lauderdale said. “I can look out my back door in the morning and traffic is backed up from Carriel school to the roundabout and down on Vincennes Trail.”

“I am one small homeowner on the corner — I bought this house and it was an expensive house. I planned on living there forever but that’s not going to happen because we have people that want to build more office buildings,” she said. 

Sewell addressed members of the community and said that the discussion on the developments is the first iteration of the proposals. 

“What this commission will do is make a recommendation to the City Council and after that the council will have several iterations and discussions that would include the public and residents like yourself to weigh in on that issue,” he said. 

The Planning Commission voted to recommend the proposed developments for Seven Hills Road. The next discussion on the developments will take place at the Community Development Committee meeting on Monday, Jan. 14 and then the City Council meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

New townhome development proposed near Scott Troy Road and Highway 50

Assistant City Planner Justin Randall goes over the details for the proposed Aberdeen Village project. (O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

By Annabelle Knef

A 244 unit multi-family townhome development, Aberdeen Village, was presented to the O’Fallon Planning Commission at their meeting held on Tuesday, August 28. 

Assistant City Planner Justin Randall said that Aberdeen Village will be developed north of the Scott Troy Road and Highway 50 intersection. 

“This is the old Rock Springs mobile home park – the Moto Mart sits at that corner with the Subway in it and the car wash is also located there,” Randall said. 

The townhomes will all be two bedroom units and approximately 1,200 square feet in size. There will also be a community building developed near the entrance. 

Randall said that one concern that is going to be addressed is the traffic generated on Scott Troy Road. 

“The existing Scott Troy Road is about to go through some construction that was associated with the McKendree RecPlex development,” Randall said. “There will be some additional lanes added.”

Randall said that these road improvements have been approved by St. Clair County but that certain improvements of Highway 50 will need to be approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation. 

“For this development, they are proposing for a signalized intersection as their main point of access,” he said.

A second point of access for the development will be cross access with the Moto Mart property. 

A traffic study by CBB found that there will need to be a right turn lane into the main entrance. It also recommended a dedicated left-turn be installed.

The development site will require 499 total parking spaces and 20 garage spaces. Also a part of the development proposal are sidewalks to be installed along Scott Troy Road and throughout Aberdeen Village. 

Randall described the design of the development as “fairly modern” but “classic at the same time.”

Medical office building approved by O’Fallon Planning Commission

A 3D rendering of the proposed medical office building to be located along Regency Park, next door to Enjoy Church.

By Annabelle Knef

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon Planning Commission discussed a proposed site plan for a new medical office building to be located along Regency Park. 

The 30,882 square foot medical office building will be built 175 feet from the north entrance of St. Elizabeth’s hospital and 200 feet south of the Enjoy Church entrance. The building will house two medical offices, which the applicant, Justin Floyd of Green Mount Enterprises LLC, believes will meet a need for public use and compliment nearby land uses.

Assistant City Planner Justin Randall said that the site plan has the potential to provide cross access to the parcel that would exist to the south. 

“The parking requirements for a medical building of this size requires 139 parking spaces and all spaces must meet dimension requirements,” Randall said. 

Randall said that a landscape plan has provided, which includes the planting of trees along the street and a parking lot island. 

“They are proposing some signage on the front entrance and back,” he said.

The commission made a motion for the cross access easement and connection to the vacant property to the south to be “evaluated closer” at a future meeting. 

O’Fallon Planning Commission hears plans for new Sugarfire BBQ location


An artist’s rendering of the outside of the proposed Sugarfire BBQ location to be built north of The Blade Building
(Submitted Photo)

O’FALLON – Sugarfire BBQ is coming across the river and to O’Fallon. The St. Louis based BBQ chain has filed plans with the city’s Planning Commission and Scott Plocher of the Green Mount Development Group will present on Tuesday evening.

The application calls for a 3,800 square foot restaurant to be located at 1405 North Green Mount Road, which is located just north of The Blade Building, which houses 1818 Chophouse and other businesses and offices. An 800 square foot outdoor dining space would also be constructed.

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