Veterans United Home Loans in Scott Air Force Base hosts grand re-opening

SCOTT AFB – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined Veterans United Home Loans as they celebrated the expansion of their offices at 735 Seibert Road, Suite 3, in O’Fallon, Illinois.  They celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house for real estate agent partners and clients on Wednesday, April 3.

On the same day, employees at Veterans United presented the local chapter of Disabled American Veterans with a donation of $5,000 through the company’s philanthropic arm, Veterans United Foundation. These funds will be used to help serve disabled Veterans in the St. Louis region through the Fisher House at Jefferson Barracks, meal programs, State Veterans Homes, honor flights and the Golden Age Games.

“We are proud to support such an incredible organization that is enhancing lives every single day,” said Michelle Dapkus, a loan officer for Veterans United at Scott Air Force Base.

Janelle Hensler wins Ambassador Impact Chamber Salute to Business Award

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards on Wednesday, April 10, at the Regency Conference Center.

Janelle Hensler is recipient to the Ambassador Impact Award for the 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards but insists that all credit goes to the “amazing Chamber staff.” 

“We are fortunate to have such a great O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce,” Hensler said. “The true credit should be for our amazing Chamber staff that work so hard to connect over 600 members and pull off countless events flawlessly.” 

Hensler said the Chamber Board of Directors and her fellow ambassadors who invest their time and talents make everyone in the community feel welcome. 

Hensler worked as the Director of Member and Fitness Services at McKendree Metro Rec Plex for close to three years before recently claiming a new positions as Patient Coordinator at Victory Men’s Health. 

“I am thankful for the opportunity to serve O’Fallon in any capacity,” Hensler said. “This community, its leaders and business owners model servant leadership daily. Their commitment to O’Fallon is contagious and you can’t help but want to be a part of this community.”

Hensler said the Chamber offers many learning opportunities such as Lunch and Learn, Chamber YOUniversity educational sessions, Book Club that focuses on professional development, leadership and business. 

“The O’Fallon Shiloh Leaderhip Institute (LeadIn) lead by Jessica Lotz has had the greatest influence on my development,” Hensler said.

The LeadIn program connects 20 young professionals under 40 years of age for a 10 month program. 

“This program exposed us to community issues, resources within the community, and opportunities to become more involved and serve,” Hensler said.

LeadIn is now in its third year and has now connected over 60 young professional that are committed to serve and make an impact in O’Fallon. 

“Chamber Ambassadors are the reason I continued to attend Chamber events,” Hensler said. “Networking events such as Business Over Breakfast and Business After Hours can be intimidating if you are new. Ambassadors do an excellent job of making new attendees feel welcome and connected with other businesses.”

Hensler said her greatest professional achievement is a commitment to be a lifelong learner and surrounding herself with likeminded professionals that challenge her growth and development. 

Debbie Arell-Martinez, Executive Director of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce, said all chamber ambassadors are active and doing great things. 

“Janelle, a recent grad of our Leadership Institute, has been wanting to get more involved in professional development,” Arell-Martinez said. “When she heard of the possibility of a Book Club – she jumped at the chance to lead it. She went above and beyond just leading the book discussion. That’s how Janelle operates – she’s full-steam ahead and full of great ideas. I can’t wait to see what ideas she has next. 

Brad McMillin for O’Fallon’s historic City Hall wins Beautification Chamber Salute to Business Award

Developer Brad McMillin will be presented with the Chamber of Commerce’s Salute to Business Award for Beautification for his work restoring O’Fallon’s Old City Hall.
(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Annabelle Knef)

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards on Wednesday, April 10, at the Regency Conference Center.

Brad McMillin has a long history of development in the O’Fallon community. On Wednesday, April 10, McMillin will be recognized as a O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Salute to Business award recipient for renovation of the historic City Hall. 

Along with the Old City Hall renovation, McMillin’s most notable developments are: 

• Beltone Hearing Aid Center – it was built 33 years ago, torn down and rebuilt 15 years ago. 

• Western Sizzler – it was purchased and remodeled in 1993. 

• The Econo Lodge (Quality Inn) – A new development for McMillin that was constructed in 2000

• The Peel building 

• Unity Yoga & Wellness – remodeled in 2016

• Old City Hall – Purchased and renovated in 2018

• 1st Street Exchange – currently under construction 

• TownPlace Suites by Marriott – currently under construction; expected to open late April of 2019.

“Unity Yoga & Wellness was certainly the most significant project to date,” McMillin said. “It holds a special place to me because my wife, Time McMillin owns and operates the business.” 

“I’m accustomed to remodeling buildings for myself or for others within the community, but working on this project was a labor of love for both my wife and I,” he said. 

McMillin said he grew up in a small town where there wasn’t a lot of development and growth. 

“Being apart of a community that plans for its future residents is not only inspiring, but it creates a great atmosphere for residents and business alike.” 

“For 33 years I have focused on growing the Midwest Beltone,” McMillin said. “Our corporate office in O’Fallon is the headquarters for what has become the largest Beltone dispenser.”

This year, Beltone will expand its offices to Florida and by the end of the year, Midwest Beltone will grow to over 130 locations. 

McMillin said he is lucky to have experienced the growth of O’Fallon first hand. 

“I watched cornfields transform into shopping malls and strip centers,” he said. “Corporations and hospitals have settled in for the along haul, making O’Fallon a career centered destination.” 

“But, what is heartwarming to see is the resurgence of downtown O’Fallon. It’s a place where you can spend time with your family, dine, shop and play,” McMillin said. 

“Brad McMillin is a champion of development in our community,” Chamber president Sid LeGrand said. “The renovation of Old City Hall is a wonderful testament to the history of downtown O’Fallon.”

Tye-Dyed Iguana wins Spirit of the Chamber Salute to Business Award

Tye-Dyed Iguana Owner Matt Smallheer handles one of the store’s many snakes. 
(Submitted Photo)

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards on Wednesday, April 10, at the Regency Conference Center.

Tye-Dyed Iguana owners Matt and Stephanie Smallheer say that receiving the O’Fallon-Shiloh Salute to Business Sprit of the Chamber award is “humbling” and “surreal.”  

After quitting their jobs at the YMCA and opening their store in 2006, they say their lives became incredibly difficult. 

“The early days were wildly difficult for us,” Matt Smallheer said. “It was just the two of us for the first four years.” 

Matt said he would work open to close every single day for four years straight. As time went on, Matt and Stephanie were able to take days off such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

Stephanie said their son was only two years old at the time of opening Tye-Dyed Iguana. “He grew up living in our store and that’s all he knew.”

“It was a tremendous amount of sacrifice,” Matt said. “No one took us seriously.” 

“Here we are, 13 years later and we have been able to not only build a living for our family, we have 16 employees making livings off of what we are doing,” he said. 

While Matt and Stephanie were involved with the Chamber of Commerce when they opened their business in 2006, it wasn’t until two years later when Matt was asked to become a Chamber ambassador. 

“To be asked to represent the Chamber of Commerce was a defining moment,” Matt said. 

Being involved with the Chamber lead Matt and Stephanie to become involved with Rotary Club of O’Fallon. 

“I would attribute all success to those two organizations,” Matt said. He added that both organizations taught him how to give back to the O’Fallon community. 

“In those early days it was very survival-orientated,” Matt said. “I learned over time, the more you give, the more you get.” 

Matt said his business is centered in large part on the youth in the community – through summer camps, educational classes, after school activities, birthday parties and various free events. 

“It’s giving the community something to do and giving their kids something to hold onto and remember,” Matt said. “Now, we are at point where kids are coming back with their kids.”

Matt said the secret to Tye-Dyed Iguana’s success is that he and Stephanie knew that failure was never an option. 

“You can’t run a business as a hobby, it has to be your prime focus and dedication,” he said. “We both quit our jobs at the YMCA so if TyeDye would have failed, we along with our son at the time literally would have had nothing,” Matt said. “Failure is just not an option especially when you are trying to raise a family.”

“It’s really just doing something you are passionate about,” he said. “Exotic reptiles was always something we were passionate about. Even today, it’s just not work.”

Matt said in terms of the future, he plans on expanding Tye-Dyed Iguana’s section of exotic plants. He also plans on continuing to serve St. Clair County as county board member. 

Chamber president Sid LeGrand commended the Smallheers for building their business from the ground up.

“In doing so, they have invested much of themselves to make an innovative business successful,” LeGrand said, “Yet, they have excelled in community spirit with their volunteer activity in the Chamber and Rotary.”

Wolfersberger Funeral Home wins Community Service Chamber Salute to Business Award

Kim and Jim Sabella of Wolfersberger Funeral Home (Photo by Melissa Federhofer)

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards on Wednesday, April 10, at the Regency Conference Center.

Community service comes naturally to Kim and Jim Sabella, owners and operators of Wolfersberger Funeral Home in O’Fallon. 

The Sabellas are recipients of the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce Salute to Business award for Community Service and will be honored at the 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards.

“It is a natural thing for us to want to be involved,” Kim Sabella said. “It’s icing on the cake that I get to do all of these things with Jim.” 

Wolfersberger Funeral Home, located at 102 W. Washington, serves families throughout O’Fallon, Shiloh, Troy, Lebanon, Swansea, Fairview Heights, Belleville and Scott Air Force Base. 

Jim attributes their family’s community service in part to his upbringing. 

“It’s hard for me to say ‘no’ when someone asks for help,” he said. 

Along with offering guidance for families during their time of death and grief, the Sabellas consistently contribute to the betterment of the O’Fallon community. 

The Sabellas have hosted an annual blood drive for more than a decade, coordinating it, marketing it and scheduling people to donate.

In his spare time, Jim, retired Air Force veteran, volunteers as shuttle driver for local disabled veterans.

In July of 2018, Kim hosted her inaugural “Funeral Forum” – which now are ongoing events open to the community as a way to discuss funeral related topics in a comfortable setting, and not at time of need. 

“Kim does a lot of speaking to various group, she almost always has someone on the schedule whether it’s eighth graders at a career fair or church groups for confirmation classes,” Jim said. 

“People want to know how did I come to do this,” Kim said. “It’s really unique, especially for women. For me, that’s one of my favorite things to do is share my story and talk with people.”

“The funeral home here — it is an extension of our home. We do live upstairs and we want to be warm and welcoming,” Kim said. “If there is a goal that I have, I want to make you feel at home.”

Kim and Jim have four other employees – Katie Wilson, a licensed funeral director and embalmer, funeral assistants Bill Gehrs, Patrick Kuhl and Ruth Ann Britt. 

“Katie is really involved with suicide prevention and awareness,” Kim said. 

Katie also serves on the St. Clair County Suicide Prevention Alliance, and is a certified QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) trainer, who educates the public on how to respond when encountering someone who may be suicidal. 

“We are proud of Katie’s work with that,” Kim said. 

Kim said she is happy to keep building relationships with people in the community. 

“We love living downtown and we are so excited for the new O’Fallon Station,” she said. 

Kim described O’Fallon as a mobile and transient community due to the proximity of Scott Air Force Base, but also one that people want to come to and raise their kids here. 

“It isn’t just the people who were born and raised here,” she said. “They are here and are vital to contributing to the community but there are so many people with fresh ideas. As it continues to grow it’s bringing such an added variety of fantastic and creative people.” 

Kim said she was first invited to join the Sunrise Rotary Club of O’Fallon by one of Jim’s former coworkers when he was still active duty in the Air Force. 

“Initially I thought it would be a really difficult time commitment,” Kim said. “As that has evolved I don’t look at it as a time commitment, I see more of an opportunity to meet fun people and have breakfast with them and participate in projects to give back to the community.

“The Chamber has really helped us build relationships and just to get to know people,” she added.

“Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s so rewarding,” Kim said about her life as a funeral director. “We feel really fortunate, we love O’Fallon.” 

Chamber president Sid LeGrand remarked that the Sabellas are very familiar names in O’Fallon.

“Not just because of their business, but because of their dedication to the community,” he said.

“From being key members in the Chamber of Commerce, to leadership in Rotary, to shepherding the downtown clock renovation, to ringing the bells at St. Clare Church, they’ve done it all,” he said. “There’s never a need to ask, Kim and Jim are always there to lend a helping hand.”

Memorial Hospital East Medical Office Building, Phase 1 wins Economic Impact Chamber Salute to Business Award

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce will celebrate its 43rd Annual Salute to Business Awards on Wednesday, April 10, at the Regency Conference Center.

Memorial Hospital East in Shiloh is a recipient of this year’s O’Fallon- Shiloh Chamber of Commerce 43rd Annual Salute to Business Award for Economic Impact for its medical office building. 

“We see the award as something we are thankful for,” Memorial president Mark Turner said. “Our objective as a full service community hospital is to meet the healthcare needs of the communities we serve.”

Turner said he’s honored to have the Chamber recognize Memorial Hospital’s creation of increased and improved access to care for their patients. 

“While we don’t have the ability to measure the economic impact created within the community, we know the volume that is going through our new medical office facility,” Turner said. 

Turner said the Memorial medical office building now has 40 full time employees. Since it was built in October of 2017, there has been more than 125,000 medical tests and procedures performed and more than 50,000 physician visits. 

Jeff Dossett, Memorial Hospital East Administrator, said the level of specialty care offered by the hospital is due in part because of its many partnerships. 

Some of those partners are Lincoln Surgical – the largest hub in the Memorial medical office building. 

“We also have nice opportunity to bring in partnerships that we can leverage through BJC with Washington University,” Dossett said. “We have the pediatric specialty care clinic that brings in pediatrics specialities that we have never seen in the Metro East.” 

“I’ve lived in the Metro East my entire life so to be able to have pediatric, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology — to have that level of specialty care partnering with Wash U and have them right here on our campus is amazing,” he said. 

Also at the Shiloh location, Dossett said Memorial has partnered with Washington University to bring in neonatologists. 

“Partnering that with our level II nursery — we are able to provide care for some of the sickest babies and we are able to keep those babies right here in Shiloh and the Metro East,” he said.

“We’re doing so many good things throughout the community as we are continuing to develop our services,” Dossett said. “Every time I’m out in the community I hear about the level of service and quality we are able to provide in the facility.”

Construction currently under way is for a second new office building that will house the Siteman Cancer Center, which is expected to open in early 2020, he added, which is another example of the level of service and clinical expertise very rarely seen in the Metro East.”

Turner said that both the O’Fallon and Shiloh communities “have been very good partners and patients.”

Being involved in the community is “who we are,” Turner said. “Our roots is of a community hospital.”

“Our area has been truly enriched with the establishment of Memorial Hospital East and now its companion Medical Office Building in Shiloh,” Chamber president Sid LeGrand said. “Our residents now have more opportunities for excellent medical care due to Memorial’s belief in our communities.”

Oasis cuts ribbon on O’Fallon-Shiloh operation

SHILOH – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined Oasis as they celebrated their open house at the Shiloh Senior Center located at 7 Park Drive in Shiloh, IL. The festivities began on Friday, February 22 with a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by the open house. Participants enjoyed class demonstrations, health screenings, entertainment, and refreshments. The mission of Oasis is to enrich the lives of older adults. 

  “We are pleased to work closely with community leaders as we expand quality programming,” stated Paul Weiss, President of Oasis. “These rich offerings in the Shiloh-O’Fallon area will provide older adults with exciting educational, health and wellness, and social connection opportunities.”

Oasis is a pioneer in the field of healthy aging, empowering adults to lead healthy lives. Whether a retired baby boomer or someone simply interested in maintaining an active lifestyle, adults now have greater access to quality programs in art, entertainment, health and wellness, history, technology and more. To register for the FREE Aging Mastery Program at the Shiloh Senior Center or to learn more about Oasis, call 314.862.4859 ext. 24 or visit

Shiloh McDonald’s celebrates 10 years

Sandy Smallwood, Director of Operations, Avodah Management dba McDonald’s, cuts the ribbon celebrating ten years of operation in Shiloh. (Submitted Photo)

SHILOH – The Shiloh McDonald’s located at 1153 Green Mount Road celebrated its 10th anniversary Thursday, February 21 with a ribbon cutting. Owner Gene Stanford welcomed O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce members, other community leaders and customers. “Ten years is a milestone anniversary and I thought this was a great opportunity to thank our customers and the Shiloh community for their support,” said Stanford. “This is a great community in which to live, work and play and I am honored to be a part of it.” 

Following the ribbon cutting, customers were able to win prizes such as free meals and McDonald’s swag. Also throughout the day on the 21st, customers who visited the restaurant were able to purchase cheeseburgers for $.69.

McDonald’s serves 25 million customers every day around the world. Ninety-five percent of its 14,000 U.S. restaurants are independently owned and operated by business people like Gene Stanford. 

Chamber celebrates Furchild Pet Boutique ribbon cutting

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined owner Julie Hughes as she celebrated her new specialty pet boutique at 105 East First Street in Downtown O’Fallon.  They celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house March 5.        

With the help of her dedicated family and friends, Julie Hughes opened Furchild so she could better serve her community of pets and pet-lovers.  She recognized the need for a pet-friendly store where people could find high-quality food, treats, toys, and supplies for cats and dogs.  Years of research went into choosing which products to carry, and nearly every product has been tested by her very own furchildren.  As an advocate for pet health and wellbeing, she included two DIY bathing stations that allow pet-parents to save money while bonding with their pets during bath time.  Each station is equipped with natural, pH-balanced products, brushes, towels, adjustable heated dryers, and waterproof aprons.  

Furchild was founded on the principle of being a community-centered, philanthropic business.  Within the first two months of opening, Furchild returned nearly $2,500 to the O’Fallon community through various donations to schools, rescue organizations, and individuals in need.  Julie hopes that Furchild will become an integral partner in the continuous growth and development of the city of O’Fallon.   

Chamber celebrates opening of Neena’s Jewelry

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined Neena’s Jewelry to celebrate the opening of their business at 1935 West Hwy 50, Fairview Heights. They celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 28.

Neena’s Jewelry is an endeavor of Neena & Raj who purchased ‘Dollars for Gold’ a popular gold, bullion and coins buying shop that was in existence for the last 9 years in O’Fallon Plaza. This acquisition was with a view to add retail jewelry line at the same premises. Raj is a Diamond Graduate & Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) from Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, California. Raj has been a diamond dealer with an office in Chicago. As more and more of his jeweler clients were established in Greater St. Louis Area, the couple decided to move to Metro East in Illinois in 2016 from Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Neena is a CAD Jewelry designer with a certification in Matrix CAD software from Indian Institute of Gems & Jewelry in Delhi. Over last few years, the couple has been serving jewelers in the area, helping them customized unique jewelry designs for their clients. They have executed over 100 projects. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a powerful computer program that helps anyone achieve his dream custom design come to reality from the sketch stage. Neena’s Jewelry is now very excited to directly make custom designs for the end-customers.

For custom design, you may just walk-in or request for an appointment at: 

The Retail Jewelry store will also have over a thousand live jewelry pieces in Gold & Diamonds for outright purchase. In addition, Neena’s Jewelry represents US’s leading Manufacturer Stullers’ entire range of premium ‘Ever & Ever’ Brand Jewelry.

Meanwhile, the sister company ‘Dollars for Gold’ that operates from same premises will continue to provide a stellar service to those who need to sell gold, diamonds, coins silver and used jewelry etc. Neena and Raj are very excited to be able to serve the community around with excitable designs and affordable service.

Morrill celebrates 43 years in business with chamber with ribbon cutting

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined State Farm – Mike Morrill as he celebrated 43 years in business and the opening of his new location at 102 Ruth Drive in O’Fallon.  They celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on December 18.  

Mike Morrill and his team are committed to helping State Farm clients manage the unexpected and realize their dreams by protecting the assets they have worked hard to build. Mike has been an engaged member and small business owner in the O’Fallon community for over 43 years. His vast knowledge and experience comprised throughout his team allow his office to help with auto, home, life, health, and small business needs. The unique dual agency privilege also allows this office to service and protect residents in both Illinois and Missouri.

For more information, visit

Hampton Inn-O’Fallon breaks ground

(Submitted photo)

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined in celebrating Darrell Shelton’s Commercial Property Investors, Inc. of O’Fallon and HMA (Hospitality Management Associates, LLC) of St. Louis in the ground breaking for their new Hampton Inn at 430 Regency Park Drive. The groundbreaking was held on November 8, 2018.          

The Hampton Inn will be a new 100 room hotel in the growing Metro-East suburb of O’Fallon. Known for quality and consistency, Hampton Inn by Hilton is one of the most desirable hotel chains for both corporate and leisure travelers and will be a welcome addition to the area. The new Hampton Inn – O’Fallon, IL will be physically connected to the Regency Conference Center. Together the new Hampton Inn and Regency will be the place to stay and meet in the Metro-East.

Pro Cryo Plus celebrates ribbon cutting with chamber

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce joined Pro Cryo Plus as they celebrated the opening of their brand new business at 1937 West Highway 50, Fairview Heights.  They celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 30th.   

Pro Cryo Plus is proud to be the first and only facility in the area specializing in pain management, migraine relief and athletic performance recovery utilizing controlled cold exposure, also known as cryotherapy.  

Pro Cryo Plus offers whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy and cryo toning facials, each of which offers a different benefit to their users.  Whole body cryotherapy involves the client standing inside of a cryosauna for up to 3 minutes while the entire body is exposed to cold air triggering the release of several beneficial hormones.

The benefits the hormones provide include but are not limited to, reduction in muscle and joint pain, lowered inflammation, improved range of motion in joints, increased vitality, improved mood, better sleep, faster recovery from exercise/sports and improved skin tone.  Whole body cryotherapy has proven to be effective in alleviating symptoms from rheumatoid arthritis as well as fibromyalgia.  

Localized cryotherapy involves the application of cold air to specific areas of the body to reduce pain and accelerate healing.  The cryo toning facial involves the application of cold air to the face, neck and head to help relieve migraine headaches as well as lessen symptoms from a variety of skin conditions including rosacea, eczema, acne and psoriasis. The cryo toning facial also helps to rebuild collagen in the face which helps firm and tighten the skin.   

Pro Cryo Plus provides a safe and incredibly effective alternative to potentially addictive prescription pain relievers and pain injections by simply using cold air.  

Pro Cryo Plus is located at 1937 West US 50 in Fairview Heights and can be reached at (618)726-7576.  

Tinsel around Town – A Downtown O’Fallon Shopping Event

O’FALLON-SHILOH – The O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce is pleased to take part in Tinsel Around Town on Saturday, December 8th noon – 4 p.m. in downtown O’Fallon.  

Get wrapped up in the holiday ambiance as you shop local, enjoy strolling carolers and live music, and warm up by the fire pit. 

Plan on coming Downtown to enjoy many of these activities:

10am: Kissing Ball Holiday Décor class @ the new O’Fallon Station ($40 Register with Parks and Rec)

12-4pm: Tinsel Around Town, a downtown shopping event

1-3pm: Art with Mimi:  Cookies and Crafts at the New O’Fallon Station (Free)

12-8pm: Storytime with Mrs. Claus, enjoy stories on the half hour and photos with Mrs. Claus at Avenue Realty (203 E First St)

5-8pm: Holiday Horse & Carriage Rides on First Street (SOLD OUT)

5-7:30pm: An Evening with Santa @ O’Fallon Station ($20 Register with Parks and Rec)

In addition to shops and restaurants offering specials and goodies, music will fill the air as the O’Fallon Township High School Madrigals roam First Street from noon – 4 pm serenading shoppers and the OTHS Jazz Band performs from 12-1pm on E First Street across from Refinery Salon. 

The best way to keep up with Tinsel Around Town is to like the event on Facebook or visit our website  

We hope to see you in Downtown O’Fallon this holiday season!

O’Fallon, Shiloh pay respect to Purple Heart recipients at annual Salute to Scott event

(O’Fallon Weekly Photo by Nick Miller)

During the annual Salute to Scott, a festival and business expo organized by the O’Fallon-Shiloh Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Herb Roach of O’Fallon and Mayor Jim Vernier of Shiloh read a proclamation declairing their municipalities as Purple Heart Communities. This designation means the cities show appreciation for the sacrifice of Purple Heart recipients in defending our freedoms, to acknowledge their courage, and to show them the honor and support they have earned.