The Creative Garden – Interesting Garden Facts

A reader recently ask me “Do plants really respond to sound?” This question really peaked my interest. So I did a little research and decided this week’s column will be some fun facts you may or may not know about gardening. Here are five fun facts.

To answer this reader’s question, plants do respond to sound. Talking to plants to help them grow is a well-known old wives’ tale, but studies have showed vibrations can affect plant growth. So the next time I am driving down Lincoln Avenue in O’Fallon, and I see you talking to your plants, I won’t think you’re crazy anymore but I am only speaking for myself.

Colorful blooms aren’t the reason these insects love your garden but butterflies are attracted to fragrance and nectar. According to the Smithsonian Institute, new popular flowers have been bred to enhance color and size, but often they will lose fragrance in the process. So your everyday weeds, like dandelions and clovers, might be more appealing to butterflies then the flowers you are growing in your landscaping or flower garden. If you’re looking for these colorful insects to visit your garden, choose to plant heirloom flower seeds to get them to fly your way!

Do you want to have the sweetest tomatoes on the block? A regular sprinkle of baking soda into your plants soil can help reduce the acidity levels, which will enhance the tomatoes sweet taste.

One of the more common questions I receive in my garden center is “How do I change my hydrangeas color?” The answer is simple. You change a hydrangeas color by altering the pH level of the soil in which it’s planted in. A more alkaline soil will result in pinker blooms, while more acidity will produce blue blooms. Use a product like aluminum sulfate to raise the acidity of your soil. This change does not happen overnight, but eventually you will receive results.

A few years ago, I was driving thru the middle of O’Fallon and saw a family of deer running across the road. After I drove past, I noticed in my rear view mirror a deer had just jumped a resident’s privacy fence. Did you know that deer can jump eight feet high. They do require a running start to reach such heights, but a tiny fence often isn’t enough to keep these animals off your fruit trees. So next time you are looking for that fifth man for your basketball game, you may want to give Bambi a call.

Hope you enjoyed some of these fun facts about gardening. Let me know some of your tricks of the trade and email me at

Happy Gardening