The Weekly is moving (days)

A lot goes into crafting an issue of the Weekly. There’s a lot of organization, time spent away from family and friends, and dedication to getting the work done on time.

One major issue my staff and I have faced since the beginning has been that most government meetings take place on Monday evenings. That presents a major issue for me since Mondays have been our production days since we launched, where I strap myself into my chair and don’t leave until I have the paper laid out.

I’ve talked about the layout process before, how it takes me all day, and often until very early the next morning, to get the paper done. Adding having to write a government meeting story to the mix just delays things further, and I’m not as young as I used to be.

In the past we have shifted our production back a day to Tuesday when Monday is a holiday. This means your paper arrives on Thursday instead of Wednesday. 

I’ve always been led to believe that I didn’t have the option to do that shift permanently at my printer, but last week he informed me that I was wrong and that we could make the switch whenever I wanted.

I have made the switch and the Weekly will now be arriving to you on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

This small change allows us so much more flexibility.

First, now production can be spread out over two days (Monday and Tuesday), allowing me the ability to go home and get some sleep at a normal hour.

Second, it will allows us to follow up with questions on Tuesday about things that took place at Monday night government meetings. Additionally, it will allow us to circle back to get information about a meeting we were perhaps unable to attend due to manpower shortages. We are a small staff and we’re trying to be a lot of places at one time.

Third, we can now start to include District 90 Board of Education meetings in a more timely manner. They fall on a Tuesday and so they’re always eight days old by the time they hit the paper. 

Fourth, it gives me my Sundays back. When production was on Monday, I would come to the office on Sunday and work, leaving my family and friends.

Finally, it makes life simpler in that we won’t have to push back for Monday holidays. Now the only holiday we have to consider is Thanksgiving, but we will push up that one week. Ironic, huh? 

Honestly, its a small change for you the reader that will make big improvements for us here at the Weekly.

Regarding submission deadlines, for the time being, we’d like to keep them pretty much the same. However, we obviously have some flexibility. Those deadlines can be found in the information box on page two.

The only change this will have on me in a negative capacity is that I will have to start driving to pick up my papers at the printer, an hour away, again. I had been having them trucked to Troy. But its a small price to pay and I actually enjoy the time in the car after a long week to sit and relax.

We hope you understand why this change ultimately needed to occur and how it will hopefully make the Weekly a better paper.