The Weekly Traveler – The Weekly visits Loch Ness, doesn’t see Nessie

Weekly readers Rich and Carol Lunan recently toured around Scotland, and like all good Weekly readers, they brought their copy along for a photo! The Shiloh residents are pictured with the O’Fallon Weekly at Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness in Scotland.

Along with his photo, Rich writes, “Regret we couldn’t get a picture of ‘Nessie’ for a Weekly scoop!” You and me both Rich. You and me both.

Are you going on a trip? Take the O’Fallon Weekly along with you! Just take a photo of the Weekly while away from home and email it to us for the Weekly Traveler.  Please include who is pictured and where the photo was taken.  Email photos to and please mark them “Weekly Traveler.”