The Weekly Traveller – The Weekly heads to San Antonio with a Cemetery Detective

O’Fallon Cemetery Detective and Vice President of the O’Fallon Historical Society Thomas Marshall Schwarztrauber, RPh, and his wife Sharon recently visited the San Antonio, Texas, grave of Tom’s Civil War cousin Colonel Risdon Marshall Moore, Commander of the 117th Illinois Infantry Volunteers (1862-1865) – known as the McKendree Regiment. Tom takes pride that he carries the same middle name (Marshall) as that of his cousin the colonel. If you look closely, you will see one of Tom’s Little Black Grave Marking Stones of the top of the grave stone.

“When visiting the graves of my relatives, I generally place one of my Little Black Grave Marking Stones on their grave stone as I pay my respects and mark my visit to their grave,” Tom said.

The O’Fallon-Weekly that accompanied Tom was the Vol. 1, No. 5. Wednesday May 27, 2015 edition Honoring Our Heroes, which is what Tom was doing down in Texas.

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