Thief steals trackhoe, damages car wash

Early Sunday morning a trackhoe owned by Baxmeyer Construction and used at the road widening project at Green Mount Road and Cambridge Boulevard was stolen and used to try and break into coin machines at the Easy Street Car Wash, located on Highway 50. The 80,000-pound machine was driven about a half mile, causing some minor damage along the way. Once at the car wash, the thief used the four-foot wide bucket to attempt to tear out the coin machines.  The car wash structure was damaged and it is estimated it will cost thousands to repair. The building has been judged safe by an inspector and the car wash is open for business. The O’Fallon Police are investigating and are checking surveillance footage from nearby cameras to see what they captured. Anyone with any information is asked to call either the O’Fallon Police Department or David Baxmeyer at 618-939-3000, ext. 19. (Submitted Photo)