Toftemark a very positive influence on Lady Panthers team

Katherine Toftemark

Head Volleyball Coach Melissa Massey said that senior Katherine Toftemark has done a great job at picking the team up when they are down. 

Massey said that many seniors don’t realize that the volleyball season is coming to an end and they won’t be playing together for much longer. 

“Kat doesn’t think she’s going to go on to play in college,” Massey said. “I feel like she has done a really good job just trying to pick the team up.” 

Massey said that Toftemark “puts it all out there every game” and works hard despite the season ending soon. “She is a kid that gets it.” 

Despite Toftemark not pursing collegiate volleyball, Massey said that she has made the most of her season. 

Massey said that Toftemark, who is a middle hitter, always “lays low.” 

“She does a lot of things consistently good,” she said. “She’s a kid we need to honor because she’s done a really good job.” 

Massey described the six volleyball seniors as “quite a special group” in that they are all great friends outside of just being teammates. 

“There is something to be said about that,” she said. “They have a mutual respect, love and passion for each other.”

Massey said that Toftemark “would do anything for her teammates.” 

“She sometimes puts her teammates in front of herself,” she said. “She’s a very respected kid and also very respectful to myself and the rest of my coaching staff.”

According to Massey, school is very important to Toftemark and said that she plans on attending Mizzou and eventually go into the medical field. She also said that Toftemark will likely try out for a club volleyball team at her respective university. “She’s a great player.” 

“It has been an interesting season,” Massey said. She said that the 27-6 record “speaks for itself.” 

“This has probably been our toughest season we have had as far as competition goes. I really have worked hard to play in the best tournaments and get good competition for us,” she said. “Our losses are good losses. We have lost to good teams.” 

Massey said that she wants her volleyball team to be pushed and to realize that games are not all about winning. 

“I feel like our team is extremely talented.”

Massey said that the volleyball players are “excited, pumped and ready to play” in the upcoming post-season.

Toftemark has accumulated 33 blocks, 99 kills, 50 digs and 29 aces this season. 

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