Township trustees approve Clerk’s request to cut his benefits

Township Office

Township Office

O’FALLON – The O’Fallon Township Board of Trustees held a lengthy discussion at their monthly meeting about the pay and benefits elected township officials should receive beginning in May 2017.

The board took up a series of resolutions outlining what the various elected positions will receive during the next term of office, beginning in May 2017 and going for four years. Ultimately, the trustees made no changes to the Township Supervisor and Trustee positions. Those salaries have been frozen for a number of terms and none of the trustees expressed any belief they should be raised any time soon.

The Highway Commissioner, Mark Downs, was absent from the meeting and so discussion about benefits for that position was postponed until the November meeting when Downs could be present. The trustees said they wanted Downs present at the meeting to say what he thinks about the position’s compensation and benefits.

Township Clerk Dave Witter recommended that the resolution outlining the Clerk’s pay and benefits be amended to remove a health care plan. Witter explained that since the health care provider requires the Clerk to work full time to receive the benefit, the salary for the position would have to be raised to nearly $13,000 annually. Currently the Clerk is paid nearly $6,000 annually. Witter said he believed that would be too large an increase and instead opted to remove the healthcare from the benefits of the job. The trustees unanimously voted to amend the resolution.

The township trustees had to address this issue at least 180 days before the new term of office is set to begin. They have until November 16 to finalize the process.

In other business…

  • Township Supervisor Gary Ahle said he is scheduled to pick up election supplies from the county on Wednesday, November 2, and will be distributing them to the township’s 18 polling places. Early voting will begin at the O’Fallon Township Building on Monday, October 24, and will run through Monday, November 7.
  • During the Youth Committee Report, Trustee Kenny Joseph asked that the board approve the appointment of Sabrina Parish to the Youth Committee. The trustees approved the request unanimously.
  • During the unfinished business portion of the agenda, Ahle indicated he has been working with the county about overgrown property along State Street near the dairy.