Treasurer, Alderman candidates allowed to stay on ballot despite petition challenges

City Hall

O’FALLON – Candidates for City Treasurer and Ward 5 Alderman will be able to remain on the ballot for the April election following decisions handed down by city electoral boards.

Incumbents Treasurer David Hursey and Alderman Chris Hursey both saw their nominating petitions objected to following their submission in mid December. David Hursey faced a challenge from Frank Morski while Tom Kelley, through his lawyer Brian Flynn, objected to Chris Hursey’s paperwork.

Morski contended that David Hursey did not obtain a proper amount of signatures and that a portion of his signatures were invalid because they were printed and not signed in cursive. Kelley argued that Chris Hursey’s paperwork was invalid because he didn’t specify he was running for the unexpired two-year term in Ward 5 and not the other alderman seat up for election to a four year term. Alderwoman Courtney Marsh is running for the four-year term.

City electoral boards heard arguments from both sides on January 11 and set dates to issue their rulings for January 18 and 23.

On January 18, the board, made up of Mayor Gary Graham, Clerk Phil Goodwin, and Alderman Jerry Albrecht voted to retain Chris Hursey on the ballot. Hursey said he was glad the voters of Ward 5 will be able to have a choice in April.

“I’m glad I get to stay on and we’ll see where it goes from here. I’m happy we can give the residents two options in April,” said Chris Hursey.

Hursey is opposed by Andrew Lopinot.

At the January 23 hearing, the board made up of Graham, Albrecht, and Alderman Gene McCoskey voted to keep David Hursey on the ballot. They said in their ruling that they found the candidate met the minimum requirement to have his name placed on the ballot and will be allowed to run in the April 4 consolidated election.

“I’m well pleased the board has sided with the hundreds of people who signed my petition to allow me to run for office. I’m humbled and honored as always to be on the ballot in April,” David Hursey said.

David Hursey is running unopposed for Treasurer.