Two Cents – December 21, 2016

max-with-santaChristmas has arrived and its a bit different in the Miller house this year. Laura’s mom informed us the other day that there are no less than a dozen presents under her tree for Maxwell. I’ve tried explaining to folks that he’s only seven months old and would be happier with a piece of wrapping paper than an actual gift. But even I have to admit that its fun to give the little guy a gift.

We took Maxwell to meet Santa the other week. He was remarkably well behaved. Took a great photo too (at left). The dad in front of me in line was purposely irritating his son so that when it came time for his photo, he’d flip out. It worked. The kid was on Santa’s lap, with Santa grabbing him around the waist, and the kid lunging forward extending his arms, reaching for his father to save him. It was a great photo and his dad couldn’t have been happier with it. I can’t wait for Maxwell to have a strong reaction, positive or negative, to Santa.

Maxwell still has a year or two before Christmas will be a really big thing for him, but its already changed for Laura and I. It’s always been about family, but now its about OUR family.

So from our family to yours, we wish you a safe and very merry Christmas.