Two Cents Worth – A great example of how school should be

Two Cents Column

With two weeks to plan, teachers and administrators at District 90 organized a field trip for nearly 800 students to Freeburg High School to watch the solar eclipse in totality. I tagged along on the trip so that I could cover the event with a local tie.

What I saw was a perfect learning environment. From the moment the students arrived, they began documenting the stages of the eclipse. Then at the moment of totality, the sheer excitement of those students to watch a wonder of the cosmos was almost more impressive than the eclipse itself.

District 90 should be commended for making the effort to take these kids to see the eclipse how it needed to be seen. They found a way to take an event and make it into a learning experience the kids won’t forget.

And maybe, instead of having the government force standardized test after standardized test onto school districts, perhaps districts should be encouraged to do things like Monday’s trip more often.

Just my two cents worth…