Two Cents Worth – A rant about pants

Two Cents Column

This weather pattern has been an absolute nightmare. I’ve had a cold off and on for weeks and I’m sure the changing temperatures have something to do with it all.

Granted, most of my problem is my inability to dress appropriately for the weather. I like to wear my shorts and comfy shoes, which as of late have been flip flops. Now I’m not a total fool. When winter truly hits I transition to jeans and pants, but I long for the spring days when I can wear my shorts. So of course when the nice weather hits, I’m joyfully ready to shed my long pants and show off my pasty white shins.

This year has screwed with me pretty badly though. One day I’m in jeans, the next I’m in shorts. Unfortunately, while you would think I’d be smart enough to transition back to jeans when it gets bad out again, nine times out of ten I convince myself shorts will be ok.

“I’ll be inside where its warm all day. I can wear shorts.”

“I’m naturally warm blooded, I’ll be ok.”

“It’s not windy. It feels like its 50 degrees out.”

And inevitably I’m colder than I want to be and think I should’ve worn pants.

But see, here’s the thing… I didn’t open my own business so I would have to wear pants all the time. Part of being your own boss is doing things that you could never or would never do if you worked for someone else (within reason of course). In this case, most corporate jobs would frown upon cargo shorts and flip flops as daily work attire. But not the O’Fallon Weekly!

Do I find myself feeling underdressed at times? Sure. Typically Chamber of Commerce events. But I digress…

I’m a big believer in “Live and Let Live”. In my case, does it really matter if I’m wearing shorts or jeans or slacks? Nah, not really. Am I a fool for wearing them today even though there is snow on the ground (It’s March! What is going on?!?) and its only maybe 40 degrees out? Perhaps.

But I’ve been inside all day where its warm, so what does it matter?