Two Cents Worth: A successful local paper is a team effort

By Nick Miller

Over the past few weeks I’ve used this space to thank long time writers of mine who have moved on to other endeavors. As of right now, the Weekly has two full time writers, Annabelle and myself. 

With that said, I’m asking for help, specifically from the parents of OTHS athletes.

It never fails that when I attend a sports event, I see parents with nicer cameras than I have taking photos to share on social media. I think its wonderful that parents are so engaged and interested in documenting their child’s accomplishments, but also in sharing photos of other athletes with their parents. 

I’d humbly ask these parents to please consider sending a few photos to the Weekly with a short description of each photo, containing the name of players pictured, what game the photo was taken at, and the final score of the game. Quite honestly, this will help ensure that your athlete’s team is featured in the Weekly, as we currently have no sports writer. 

This issue features photos submitted by parents for both boys golf and soccer, and their help is greatly appreciated.

This is not to say I won’t be on the sidelines taking photos as often as I can, but the reality is that I have yet to perfect cloning technology as much as I’ve tried. This past weekend was a great example, as Annabelle and I were stretched thin covering City Fest as well as the football and soccer scrimmages on Friday and Saturday. While we were able to post a large number of photos to, unfortunately I was unable to make it to both scrimmages in time to take photos of the freshman teams. Additionally, I had to leave to get back to City Fest before the alumni soccer game could begin. 

I feel bad that I couldn’t get those photos, but I can only do what I can do. 

So folks, I’m putting hat in hand and asking for help covering our community. With your help, we can make sure all of the areas great athletes are given the recognition they deserve. 

Please send photos and submissions to Thank you!