Two Cents Worth – Additions to the Weekly’s regular content and an invitation to a party

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

You spoke and we listened.

Since the early days of the O’Fallon Weekly one of the comments I’ve heard most regularly is how hard the crossword puzzle is. I’ve had folks tell me how they have to spend large amounts of time searching the internet for potential answers.

We have been looking for a replacement service for a while and finally got set up with one this week. We wanted to find one that was not only affordable (we have to pay to obtain the rights to print those puzzles) but also one that had a variety of games, not just crosswords. The service we used prior only had one other game, Sudoku, available.

Going forward we will have a regular games page featuring a (hopefully easier) crossword puzzle, a word search, sudoku, and a word scramble. Answers will be provided the week following the puzzle’s publication.

There’s a lot of science and research detailing the benefits of brain games and puzzles. Crossword puzzles and other games enhance your social, emotional, physical, and mental health. They help keep you sharp and alert. Additionally, brain teasers may help folks avoid dementia and Alzheimer’s, improving overall brain and memory functions.

They also are another bonus to obtain an actual physical copy of the Weekly. While my partner and I may disagree at times, I’m a big believer in the printed copies versus the digital. I love the feel of the newsprint and the ink on my fingers. My car never smells better than when I’ve loaded up a week’s worth of newspapers at the printer and am preparing to drive them to the post office to mail to our subscribers. You can’t clean up an emergency baby vomit attack with an iPhone, but a newspaper comes in handy in a pinch. Additionally, it’s hard to fill out a crossword on your iPad screen. You can but the pen tends to ruin the screen for next week.

So what else do you want to see in the Weekly? Send your comments and suggestions to We’re a constantly evolving experiment and I only know if I need to make changes if you tell me so.

On another subject, the O’Fallon Weekly will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony at our office (220 East State Street, Suite 1-F) on Thursday, September 29, at 4 p.m. I’d like to take this opporunity to formally invite our readers and supporters to that event. We’ll have some light food and refreshments available. Additionally, pretty much the whole Weekly staff will be on hand, so it’s a good time to put some names to faces.

We hope you are able to make it out as we wouldn’t be where we are without our readers. We can put together a paper every week, but if no one reads it, we won’t last long at all.