Two Cents Worth: An update on the state of the Weekly

By Nick Miller, Owner and Publisher

I want to start by thanking everyone who has read my previous columns and opted to switch their subscriptions from print to digital. I realize for some of you it isn’t the preferred way to read the paper, but the past month has brought about a lot of new realities and that’s no different here at the Weekly.

I want to continue to update you all as to what is going on and what we are doing to keep things running with no interruption.

 Advertising does continue to be an ongoing problem, not just for us but for all newspapers and media outlets around the country. While cash flow has been alright, we have begun to see some delayed payments and, I fear, will see more next month.

Like most small businesses, we have looked into SBA loans and government programs. However, I am not holding my breath and am planning as if no assistance will come. Additionally, I am loath to take a loan from the government for a variety of reasons, but I have been forced to open myself to all possible options.

This is why it is so important that my print subscribers continue to consider our digital option for their subscriptions. We have a LOT of people that come up for renewal in March through June and if even half of you would switch to digital, it would make a world of difference. 

I’ve been asked a lot lately how you know when your subscription is up for renewal, All you have to do, if you are receiving the print edition, is look at the area where your name and address is printed. Your renewal date should be printed in the top left area. 

If you are up for renewal, and want to switch to our digital edition, simply go to, select the tab marked subscribe, and select the digital option.

I told you a few weeks back that we are keeping the digital subscription at $18 for a while longer. We will be stopping that promotion on Friday, April 24. From then on, you will have the option of paying $35.88 annually, which is only $2.99 a month, or $3.99 monthly. The reason for the increased cost for the monthly option comes down to credit card processing, as we need to charge your method of payment 12 times instead of only once.

I also want to thank everyone who has switched to digital for their patience in setting up accounts. When you subscribed on our website directly, you are able to easily create your password yourself right away. For those we have to input, you are assigned a password that you then have to change if you wish. My staff and I will be receiving a tutorial from our IT department on Friday so we know how this process is done so we can help you if you have questions as well. 

I realize what I’m asking can be less than ideal for many of you, but I’m actually excited for what this transition can mean. We will be able to do much more reporting throughout the week, allowing you to stay informed better. We can also utilize video and post photo galleries, showcasing photos that would otherwise go unseen in the paper. I have plans for an expanded digital edition featuring content that was unable to fit in the paper, whose page count is solely dictated by the advertising within it.

And for those of you who love the games page, I’m working on a plan for you as well.Realistically, I knew we’d have to move to digital eventually. Its just the way of all things. COVID-19 forced an acceleration of my five year plan. But it’s important to note that while the delivery system may change, the content will stay the same. 

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.