Two Cents Worth – Don’t let your mouth (or email marketing) write checks your body can’t cash

Two Cents Column

Part of me doesn’t want to print my column this week because I don’t want to sound petty or like I’m complaining. But I’ve decided to write this as a warning for you to think twice before giving your money to a business you may have considered employing on special

I had Mother’s Day under control. I had placed my order, received confirmation, and was waiting for the phone call from Laura thanking me profusely for having a nice bouquet of pineapple, chocolate covered strawberries, and grapes delivered to her office.

By 4 p.m. Friday I hadn’t heard anything and began to get worried.

I finally decided to text my wife and ask if she had received a delivery. She replied saying no and asked if she should have. That’s when I knew something had gone amiss.

I checked my email and found one from 2:50 p.m. refunding my $80 order from the Edible Arrangements store in Collinsville. No notes as to why were provided on the refund email. So I called them.

After being given over to the store manager, Stacy, I asked as politely as I could given that they had just nuked my Mother’s Day gift plan just why they refunded my order. I was told they were “swamped” and couldn’t accept it.

I then asked them why they didn’t let me know this earlier. Stacy told me that they left me a message and that I didn’t get back to them. Now, as many of our subscribers who have tried calling me to renew their subscription by credit card know, I’m slow at returning calls. I freely admit that I’m way behind. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to messages. I listen to messages right away. So if they would have called me, I’d have known.

I then asked Stacy why, if they are so busy, did I receive no less than three emails that day, prior to my refund being issued, telling me it wasn’t too late to order for Mother’s Day. It obviously was! She told me that those emails came from corporate and they didn’t control that. Since Friday, I have received 13 emails from Edible Arrangements promoting their products, many of them assuring me it wasn’t too late to get a nice gift for Mom.

I’ve since called their corporate office to lodge a complaint about Stacy, who was extraordinarily rude and unhelpful. Additionally, I wanted to know why I was getting so many emails if their store was unable to accommodate the business.

I question if the Collinsville store had enough staff on hand to take care of the second busiest holiday of the year (Valentines Day taking the top spot) for their type of product. I also question why a store manager can’t hold up under pressure without getting rude with paying customers on the phone. I also question why Edible Arrangements would employ a customer service rep who would tell me its cheaper for me to go to the grocery store and buy my own fruit and cut it up (she seriously said that to me).

But, despite all those thoughts, I still needed to scramble and find something for Maxwell to give Laura for her first Mother’s Day. Driving around Sunday morning, a nice bouquet of flowers from Dierberg’s and chocolate covered strawberries from the Chocolate Chocolate Company seemed to fit the bill.

Oh, and I’m still waiting to receive the call from the franchise owner. Edible Arrangements said he’d call in 48 hours. I guess he’s just swamped.