Two Cents Worth – Here we grow again!

Two Cents Column

Two Cents Column

This past week the O’Fallon Weekly expanded its footprint just a bit more, moving down the hallway to larger office space in the old Opera House Building.  We’re now in Suite 1-F instead of our previous office at Suite 1-C.

Our new suite offers us more space to stretch out and set down deeper roots in the community. Whereas before when we had our Wednesday morning editorial meetings we had to all gather around a desk. Now we have a comfortable seating area with a couch, chairs, and a coffee table. We also have plenty of storage space to accommodate our back issues and various other items that we don’t particularly want in public view at all times (cleaning supplies, extra folding chairs, etc.).

We’re excited because, like our previous space, our new office provides the community a place where they can find us and drop off information, sign up for a subscription, or come and talk to us about a story we ran or one they think we should run. Until we opened our office earlier this year O’Fallon had to go out of town to communicate with its “local” paper. Now they just have to walk into 200 East State Street and head to the end of the hallway on the left.

We also have added two additional interns. Becca Jones-Scales has been working with the Weekly for a while now and so we formalized her position with us in the internship program. Jamie Federhofer started last Wednesday at our weekly editorial meeting. Both Becca and Jamie are experienced photographers and have experience using the programs we use to lay out the paper. They’ll not only be getting real world experience reporting on events in and around O’Fallon and Shiloh, but they’ll also be assisting me with ad and page design. I’ve got a ton on my plate, so they both can count on being really busy.

I’d like to end by thanking all of my readers and advertisers for your continued support. We wouldn’t be experiencing the positive growth that we are without you all. Swing on by the new digs and say hi.